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VMAN’s Fall issue is fashion-heavy, as might be expected at this time of year. It’s also devoted to the theme of ‘coming of age’, which means that the fashion and other content of feature articles and interviews with celebrities have a nice juicy concept around which to be positioned. In the fashion content, for instance, the ubiquitous cherubic faces of wispy hairless boys that have become the default setting for current male models are balanced with the appearance of grown men. If VMAN doesn’t go as far as saying that the kids have had their time, then it smartly postulates the best of both worlds, suggesting that the time is ripe for bringing back more mature images of masculinity as the height of fashion alongside fleeting teens and twenties.

The narrative of male life cycles, of growing from feckless youth into male maturity is cleverly and consistently elaborated throughout the issue in everything from Joseph Donnely’s interview with James Brolin to fashion stories in which the age-old struggles between different generations of men feature prominently and stylishly. The interview with Mr Brolin, a former child star who is now a mature actor just past the big four-zero, is perhaps the clearest way in which the theme comes across in text. But, visually, the idea is revisited cleverly throughout: witty little features on Playboy mastermind Hugh Hefner as a life story in ten pictures; Hedi Slimane’s photoessay on Jeff Aquillon, the first male supermodel from the tail end of the 1970’s, as he is now; and a stunning cinematic fashion story starring 1980’s supermodel Lynne Koester as a burlesque stripper alongside her son –in frame and in real life- model Paolo Anchisi.

Undeniably one of the USA’s top men’s magazines, as usual, all of this is offered from the hands of top talent with the likes of Karl Lagerfeld and Hedi Slimane being amongst the contributing photographers.

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    Josh Brolin Family Man A Mad Mad Life Oscar Winner's Choice Kele From The Bloc Indies New It Boy Filming Of Age The New Auteur The Other World Cup The Hef In 10 Pictures A New Heritage Then & Now The Sorrenti Code The Worlds First Male Super Model Double Take by Karl Lagerfeld Heartbreakers by Richard Burbridge
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    VMAN - Issue 19  VMAN - Issue 19  VMAN - Issue 19  VMAN - Issue 19  VMAN - Issue 19  Issue 19  VMAN - Issue 19

Our Take —

VMAN is the quarterly baby brother of V Magazine. Born in 2003, to the same creative team responsible for its older sister, VMAN was a savvy move, responding to the hunger for a hip and stylish title aimed at a certain sector of American men. Sliding neatly into the gap between the rather conservative feel of established men’s fashion titles on one side and the boy-next-door jock antics of successful titles aimed at the younger market on the other, VMAN immediately gained a readership amongst aspirant and affluent urban males who were eager for an option that offered sophistication and a bit of luxury without these things being defined in boring traditional terms.

Retaining the breeziness and the bold styling moves of V Magazine, VMAN put a masculine twist on the formula, smartly realising that its target readership were not going to be put off by a less pedestrian approach to men’s fashion, indeed, quite the opposite. Staying true to a the mix of fashion, culture, music, celebrity and lifestyle, VMAN is particularly notable as an American title that operates from the position that its readership is educated and interested in the world outside. Somewhat unusually for a successful American title – given the traditional difficulties in attracting a popular American audience with content from outside its borders – VMAN is one of the few titles that manages to retain its strong roots in its native NYC whilst regularly offering its urbane readership international content. And, just like its older sister, its work with top photographers, stylists and personalities has made it a hit not only at home, but also abroad. There is a certain irony that one of the world’s largest economies actually offers relatively few stylish, upmarket and forward thinking magazines to its male population. But VMAN is almost certainly the top title in that small and special group.

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