Issue 70 Spring 2011 —

The international glossy media gears up to deliver its annual Spring address and V’s strategy seems to be simple: go in with the big guns blazing. The Spring 2011 ‘Star Power’ issue kicks off with cover girl Britney Spears and goes on to map the remainder of the constellation between its covers. Some, like Britney, are returning faces that plan to give the arrivistes a run for their money whilst others are V’s predictions for rising talent. It’s literally written in the stars.

As if the feature on Britney’s comeback was not enough to grab our attention, V’s contribution to this season’s fashion directions and statements is packed to the brim with juicy items. Ms Spear’s herself opens V’s Spring 2011 fashion manifesto in a zingy colour-saturated shoot by Mario Testino, styled by Panos Yiapanis, in which the pop legend plays clotheshorse for some of the hottest new looks. Also commanding praise are Ryan McGinley’s shoot of model-turned-singer Karen Elson that sees the contemporary artist flex his fashion photography muscles and Mario Testino’s second sprawling shoot elaborating the return of decadent 1970’s glamour.

Needless to say the issue is also packed with every prediction one needs to survive SS11 without committing a fashion faux pas and a glittering array of all of the hippest talents and personalities in the current fashion power club.

    Issue 70 Spring 2011 –
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    V Magazine - Issue 70 Spring 2011  V Magazine - Issue 70 Spring 2011  V Magazine - Issue 70 Spring 2011  V Magazine - Issue 70 Spring 2011  V Magazine - Issue 70 Spring 2011  Issue 70 Spring 2011  V Magazine - Issue 70 Spring 2011

Our Take —

V Magazine started in 1999. Originally meant as a more accessible bimonthly sister title to the famed limited edition Visionaire, set up at the beginning of the 1990s by Stephen Gan, James Kaliardos and Cecilia Dean, it has, in many ways, eclipsed their original project, at least in terms of visibility and popularity. Visionaire might remain a much sought after couture object of desire for the fashion elite, but V Magazine has grown into one of the key American titles of the last two decades.
Headed up by Stephen Gan, the core team of individuals running the title have a long history of collaboration which probably accounts for the strong and unique identity that the magazine brings to its mix of fashion, celebrity and current culture. Central to this identity is a bold art direction that brought the same kind of individual sensibility to the American magazine publishing arena for which European titles had been much lauded. In effect, V Magazine’s success could be seen to be a result of defiantly offering a stylish alternative to the prevalent US publishing formats whilst simultaneously having a strongly American identity. Despite the magazine’s international outlook, it would be foolhardy, for example, to deny the deep connection between the identity of V and New York City. If NYC endures as the epicentre of the American fashion scene, then V Magazine is one of the key titles that both defines and responds to that scene, which has made it an important title not only at home, but also internationally.
Much like NYC, V is bold, colourful, confident and fast-paced. Noted for its work with top photographers and stylists, V Magazine is one of those titles that had a rapid ascent and managed to stay at the top, making it one of only a handful of titles that has celebrities and top talent practically clambering over each other to get involved. As a result, in V Magazine one can always expect to find the famous and the great side-by-side with the title’s ongoing commitment to showcasing hot new talent.


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