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The current issue of Useless immediately reminds one of the old adage – and title of Annie Fletcher’s ongoing curatorial project- “If I can’t dance, I don’t want to be part of your revolution”. There is almost something schizoid about the juxtaposition of serious theoretically-based articles and zippy coverage of electroclash phenomena Larry Tee and Bad Brilliance in the most recent issue.

Useless once again offers its unique mix of serious articles and features on contemporary art and the odd bit of party fun. The coverage of personalities from the world of clubbing and the party underground sit side-by-side with straight coverage of artists like Canadian Matthew Monahan whose rethink of classical sculpture with an art-historic slant has been a quiet – or at least understated- hit on the international contemporary art circuit of late. As if to disprove the long-held notion that curators can’t dance, Useless once again locates serious contemporary art on the biggest dancefloor at the hippest party.

    Useless 9 - Evolve –
    July 2009 40 Pages 0 Minutes of audio 0 Minutes of video
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    bad baaaadddd brilliance Tee time A Poetic Yarn Museum comes to life sculptor Following the Voids John The Ever Evolving Muse of the Decade Bibbe Hansen
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    Conrad Ventur
    Useless - Useless 9 - Evolve  Useless - Useless 9 - Evolve  Useless - Useless 9 - Evolve  Useless - Useless 9 - Evolve  Useless - Useless 9 - Evolve  Useless 9 - Evolve  Useless - Useless 9 - Evolve

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Despite the proclamation of the name, Useless magazine has managed to survive since 2004. Originating in Brooklyn as a stapled underground fanzine with music as one of its key areas, Conrad Ventur’s baby has morphed into a title that now focuses heavily on art. Printed in a limited edition of 1000 copies in an oversized newspaper-esque style, Useless has ironically benefited from becoming more niche and concentrating on art and the experimental fringes of design and creative direction instead of retaining the potentially mainstream vibe of some of its earliest content. Its shift from what could be taken as student offerings to art world credibility has seen it picked up and advocated by influential patrons of the arts, some of whom, such as Michelle Lamy, are of influence in both the fashion and art arenas. As a result, doors have opened for Useless in terms of high-profile distribution points that may have remained closed should it have opted to go in another direction..


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