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The Room has no problem holding its own in a field of sophisticated fashion titles, as the eleventh issue proves. One of the highlights of the issue is the extensive interview with the legendary European Editor at Large of American Vogue, Hamish Bowles. Mr Bowles oozes his signature eccentric dandy charm whilst waxing lyrical on everything from occasional forays into drag to the future of haute couture.

On the practical side of fashion, Ali Tóth and Anikó Virág’s fashion direction for the story ‘The Game’ stands out. Showcasing high-end brands including Stella McCartney, D&G and Givenchy, to name but a few, it’s a strange mix of folkloric iconography and a lack of illusion. Perlaki Márton’s direct, crisp photography and the art direction only heighten its fresh approach; the fairytale as a dress-up game for big kids without any special effects.

But The Room is far from standard fashionista fare. It’s also capable of offering intelligent and insightful articles on and interviews with fascinating people that appeal to a thinking audience. Take for example the interview with Ernő Rubik. As Timár Gigi’s article points out, even Rubik’s name is a concept. And the interview with the Hungarian sculptor, professor of architecture and inventor of Hungary’s all-time greatest export, Rubik’s Cube, proves that The Room is a title that does not simply peddle in paddling in the shallow end of the pool. From maths to metaphysics, Rubik proves a fascinating subject as well the unlikely hero behind a global cultural phenomenon.

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    Marton Perlaki
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    The Room - Issue 11  The Room - Issue 11  The Room - Issue 11  The Room - Issue 11  The Room - Issue 11  Issue 11  The Room - Issue 11

Our Take —

The Room is a Hungarian bilingual magazine that was founded some five years ago. Since then it has grown from a fledgling example of central European luxury publishing into a confident publication. Printed on high-quality paper in a slightly oversized format, it has a sumptuous feel to it; heading in the direction of a coffee table tome.

Editor-In-Chief Ali Tóth and Fashion Director Anikó Virág oversee its content of fashion, art, design and culture which often has a central European focus to it, providing a fresh and insightful vision on such topics away from the same old centres that usually dominate. The overall art direction of Zoltán Lonovics is restrained and elegant allowing the fabulous photography a suitable framing.

Even during the troubled communist era, Hungary’s old connection with the Austro-Hungarian Empire gave it something of a special relationship with some of its Germanic neighbours that other eastern and central European states did not share. Now, steadfastly one of the newer EU members, it’s easy to see just how and why the sensibility of the magazine would readily appeal to a broad sophisticated readership in central and northern Europe. But, one of the particular delights of The Room is that it’s not too predictable. The regional talent may be well represented, but the choices of international talents on whom to do interesting articles is far from regurgitating the same old celebrities.

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