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So many successful television actresses try to make that oh-so-difficult move to Hollywood or, more difficult still, to becoming an all-round sex icon of the moment. So many crash and burn. Paz de la Huerta, however, has made the shift triumphantly. Cover girl and the subject of a lead feature within, Lorenzo Bringheli’s extensive –and extensively naked- photo shoot captures the essence of her charismatic and sensual presence. The photos make it very clear why Paz commands libidinal attention, but Nick Haramis’ interview reveals a woman who has far more going on than just her good looks.

In amongst the diet of graphic naturist photography reinvented as fashion that seems to be one of the title’s signatures, designers and artists also get a good deal of coverage. Julie Cirelli follows Ann-Sofie Back as she gets back to her Swedish roots and Shine Dharan tracks down the reclusive London-based designer duo Meadham Kirchhoff who have rather ironically shied away from the international personal attention that their success has brought. Most notable of the articles on artists is Bill Powers’ interview with Rashid Johnson, one of the most visible of the new generation of African American artists making headway on the international art circuit.

Blatant sex is never really absent from any fashion story in S. magazine, but this issue really highlights just how sexually driven the title is. This doesn’t mean that it has to become repetitive. Matthias Vriens-McGrath’s knowing ‘Brute Camp' story, for example, takes the same basic ingredients and comes up with something amusing and impressive. Imagine Pasolini’s ‘Salo’ re-shot by Chi Chi LaRue whilst channeling Helmut Newton.

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    S. Magazine - Issue 11  S. Magazine - Issue 11  S. Magazine - Issue 11  S. Magazine - Issue 11  S. Magazine - Issue 11  Issue 11  S. Magazine - Issue 11

Our Take —

S. Magazine is a Danish publication that has been around since 2005 and more recently established itself in New York. In its biannual outings since then, it offers a combination of fashion, feature articles and art – almost entirely confined to the realms of fine art photography or graphic art- with a vehemently north European flavour. Even the editorial features and interviews, with the odd occasional exception, operate very much on a north European or perhaps even Scandinavian axis. And in this sense it provides an interesting insight to a regional sensibility.

According to the magazine’s own statement, it believes that most fashion and art refer to the human body. So it’s perhaps no surprise that sensual, sexy and frequently naked imagery abound in everything from the fashion shoots to portraits accompanying editorial features. In fact at times, S. seems more like a fashionista’s rendition of a naturist publication. In fact, there is a definite sense of a neo-folky, hippy-dippy back-to-nature feel to the prevalent photography, no doubt influenced by contemporaneous ideas in photography and art that have been with us for some time now. All of this is packaged in an unpretentious art direction that favours simple layouts, emaciated elegant fonts and full-bleed photography.

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