Issue 10 —

S. takes a rather unexpected direction with its lead feature on Juliette Lewis. As an established Hollywood face and a rock chick extraordinaire, Lewis is much more an internationally familiar icon than the previous faces on S.’s covers. Less familiar is the magazine’s handling of the star who remade the template for what a mainstream success could be in the 1990’s. Mark Squires’ beautiful photos of Ms Lewis, styled by Marina Toybina and accompanied by Nick Haramis’ interview remind us all why Juliette Lewis is top-notch, despite the ups and downs of recent years.

But, if this feature is rather restrained for S., don’t worry: the issue is full of fashion stories that are styled like documentaries stalking a gaggle of pole dancers. It’s not like the magazine known for its provocative and invariably naked fashion offerings has changed direction that much. Provocation of a different kind occurs in the work of leading war artist Steve Mumford who has a sobering conversation with Bill Powers about his work and experiences chronicling the war in Iraq. Similarly, the contrasting folsky sensibility that is often a feature of the mag comes through here in the feature on Swedish indie pop girl, Victoria Bergsman with texts by various writers.

    Issue 10 –
    March 2010 436 Pages 0 Minutes of audio 0 Minutes of video
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    Juliette Lewis Steve Mumford Rad Hourani Jonathan Meese Lydia Hearst Guy Aroch Caroline Weber Victoria Bergsman Gilles Larrain Steen Sundland Danielle Levitt Jesse Jane Marcus Ohlsson Jorgen Leth Mark Squires Jethro Cave Lykke Li Hara Kazuo Bill Powers Peter Gehrke Miho Nikaido
    Editor In Chief –
    Jens Stoltze
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    Christina Chin
    Art Director –
    Ulla Puggaard
    S. Magazine - Issue 10  S. Magazine - Issue 10  S. Magazine - Issue 10  S. Magazine - Issue 10  S. Magazine - Issue 10  Issue 10  S. Magazine - Issue 10

Our Take —

S. Magazine is a Danish publication that has been around since 2005 and more recently established itself in New York. In its biannual outings since then, it offers a combination of fashion, feature articles and art – almost entirely confined to the realms of fine art photography or graphic art- with a vehemently north European flavour. Even the editorial features and interviews, with the odd occasional exception, operate very much on a north European or perhaps even Scandinavian axis. And in this sense it provides an interesting insight to a regional sensibility.

According to the magazine’s own statement, it believes that most fashion and art refer to the human body. So it’s perhaps no surprise that sensual, sexy and frequently naked imagery abound in everything from the fashion shoots to portraits accompanying editorial features. In fact at times, S. seems more like a fashionista’s rendition of a naturist publication. In fact, there is a definite sense of a neo-folky, hippy-dippy back-to-nature feel to the prevalent photography, no doubt influenced by contemporaneous ideas in photography and art that have been with us for some time now. All of this is packaged in an unpretentious art direction that favours simple layouts, emaciated elegant fonts and full-bleed photography.

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