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Issue 10 of Razor Red has the rather confusing thematic of ‘Boy Aggression – Young Genius vs Great Ambition’. If that’s enough to confuse the reader, it also looks like the mag itself also got a bit confused by the convoluted concept. Apart from an article by a young writer on punk in the GDR, most of the boys in this issue appear to be incapable of much aggression except perhaps passive aggression. But, if, like the writer of the article on German punk, one starts with the confession that you were born in 1987, thereby throwing away all authority for such a subjective article, there is something in this honesty, even if naïve, that makes it both charming and unpretentious.

In keeping with the theme, young male talent is pushed to the fore in this issue. This ranges from a disarmingly direct series of interviews with young male models –naturally accompanied by their portraits- as they gear up for this year’s Milan Fashion Week to profiles of very young fashion and styling talent. What title since the early days of I-D, for example, would actually profile a designer who has not yet graduated?

In this issue particularly, Razor Red demonstrates that it genuinely gives a platform to young creatives rather than simply manipulating them. And that is probably why they like it and that it offers the rest of us geriatrics an interesting insight into what makes them tick.

    Issue 10 –
    April 2009 171 Pages 0 Minutes of audio 0 Minutes of video
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    Triple 7 Part 1 Triple 7 Part 2 Up Close With Bianca Pop Boy Aggression Part 1 American Dream Two Princes For Sale The Last Ace of Heart Boy Aggression Part 2 Ryan Koning Techno Color Times Modern Gladiator Fused Perils of Love Mummification The Forgotten Exhibition Oxidation
    Editor In Chief –
    Miko Chow
    Art Director –
    Jovei Blink
    Razor Red - Issue 10  Razor Red - Issue 10  Razor Red - Issue 10  Razor Red - Issue 10  Razor Red - Issue 10  Issue 10  Razor Red - Issue 10

Our Take —

Razor Red is publication that perfectly proves the disparity between the sound byte theories of globalisation that we now simply assume to be true and local context. Published quarterly in Hong Kong in a glossy oversized format, it raises numerous questions about what we think we might know about the rapid transformation of Chinese society both in the People’s Republic and the former British outpost. For a start, it is entirely different from the local versions of big established fashion titles eager to capitalize on China’s newly rich with a diet of stadium-filler luxury brands.

In Razor Red, what is selected for inclusion – from the photography and brands given editorial to the feature articles and designers profiled – consists of an eclectic mix barely ever encountered elsewhere. Yes, one suspects that this is partly because this fairly young title operates on submissions basis. But, even then, the result is something that readily speaks of a Hong Kong eager to engage with the rest of the world and offers some very strong talent.

Whilst pop music and other forms of pop culture are given some profile in Razor Red, it is primarily a fashion magazine and clearly focuses on very young talent which, one assumes, is one of the reasons that it has gained popularity with a young audience locally.

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