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The magazine that devotes itself to all the design that falls between the traditional definitions of architecture, interior or product design gives over its entire sixth issue to the Shanghai Expo 2010. It’s a fitting choice. Manifestations of this kind, with their roots in a nineteenth century notion of a world fair, probably remain the most distilled example of what Plot is all about: designed spaces and environments loaded with intention, meaning and connotation, but not clearly intended for the quotidian uses that we might ordinarily associate with architecture.

In effect, the issue primarily focuses on its editorial on a selection of presentations and projects that really should be experienced at this stupendously bombastic Expo. Thomas Heatherwick’s ‘Seed Cathedral’ constituting the British presentation is cited. Perhaps this comes as no surprise since his spiky sculpture of a cathedral, taking its inspiration from what lies within, has proved a huge international hit. Housed within the structure is a spectacular presentation of the world’s botanical potential in the form of thousands of variety of seeds. It stands side by side with other notable pavilions such as the Chilean, Saudi Arabian, German and Swiss.

But, perhaps more importantly, the issue devotes substantial thought to articles that consider the contextual side of things such as the meaning of these kinds of world fairs in an age of globalisation or the political and economic forces at play as nations attempt to formulate some visualisation of an official national identity. A fascinating read for anyone interested in design and its intrinsic motivations and Utopian tendencies.  

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Our Take —

Plot is a specialist design magazine that devotes its attention to production design, exhibition and set design with specialist product design and interior architecture thrown in. In other words, it devotes its knowledgeable attention to all of those designed things and spaces that fill our contemporary life, sometimes barely registering on a conscious level; interesting shop interiors or the mise-en-scène of films and television programmes. At other times, many such experiences –or more notably those of opera, exhibitions or show-off consumer display- are almost intrinsically spectacular and immediately noticeable. It’s not a singular approach to these design disciplines that defines whether something makes it into Plot or not, but its quality.

In the tradition of a specialist journal, though here with a distinctly magazine feel, Plot – published in English and German- has come to be known as one of the most interesting publications dealing with these particular disciplines that have, perhaps, been somewhat overshadowed by other forms of design and architecture. What’s particularly interesting about Plot is that its approach, though dealing with a fairly specialist area of design, is actually immediately interesting and accessible to a broad design-interested audience.

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