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Modern has rapidly become one of those essential titles for all collectors and fans of twentieth century design and decorative culture. So it’s New Year issue, with its predictions for the 2011 collector fairs and insider insight into the emerging trends for the coming year, will make for fulfilling reading for all those seriously interested in such things.

As usual, there is also the range of informed and informative feature articles on all relevant topics. Alastair Gordon’s article on Francois de Menil’s triumph of mid-century modernism on Long Island will please any fan of architecture, whilst those with more of an interest in interiors will be equally taken with Jan Renzi’s article on the work of designer Amy Lau whose tasteful acquisition of period furniture into airy and welcoming spaces has attracted her clients such as Elvis Costello and Elie Tahari. Meanwhile, those who are more interested in product design will find the designer profile on British designer David Mellor a timely reminder of his important contribution to post-war design culture in the UK.

Perhaps even more space that usual is devoted to an array of short punchy articles highlighting treasures of design that will delight fans and ignite fierce fires of envy in those truly obsessive collectors. Everything from children’s’ building blocks by Frank Lloyd Wright’s son to help precocious infant architects reconstruct his father’s design for the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo to Peter Ting’s designs for Royal Crown Derby china come under the scrutiny of the educated eyes of Modern’s editorial team.

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Our Take —

It had to happen sooner or later and there must be a lot of publishers kicking themselves for not having got there first. Modern is a perfectly simple and simply perfect concept. The world is full of people who love old things that haven’t quite reached the official definition of an antique. Rather conveniently, that alleged 100 years that defines an antique also currently roughly corresponds to the period that design culture considers the Modern period.

Focusing on furniture, objets d’art, applied arts and architecture, Modern is a magazine that is an obvious resource for the collector of ‘the modern’; from the perfect chair to the ultimate modernist ceramics. But the great thing about this title is that it’s a good read and eye candy for even those who, though vehemently interested in the styles of yesteryear, might unfortunately be outside of the shopping bracket of much of the work covered. On the whole, Modern focuses on the high-achievers of the past; those whose designs were always within the luxury end of the market, even in their own time. With a new generation of collectors for whom frou-frou styles of the nineteenth century strike less of a chord than sleek lines, it’s easy to see why the title has got off to a booming start.

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