Like A Virgin All Over Again —

Madonna stands central in the May issue of Interview. Stunning images of La Ciccone grace the two covers of this month's issue. Inside,what the covers signal outside,continues: a sleek fashion shoot styled by Ludivine Poiblanc,photographed by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott; and a telling interview with the elder statesmen of American Queer cinema,Gus Van Sant,adding up to in excess of 20 pages on the living legend. Others may come and comparisons are occasionally made,but there's no denying that the impact of this one individual on the popular culture of her own lifetime is second to none.   Interestingly enough for the 'Icons' issue,Interview treads a less mainstream path in the rest of the issue,interpreting the concept more in terms of the underground or cult icon status rather than familiar Hollywood fodder,at least as the subject of the articles. For example,Tobey Maguire interviews the underground graphic artist Kaws,Charlotte Gainsbourg interviews folk singer Karen Elson and Iggy Pop interviews hot young artist Shepard Fairey. High glamour,though,is hardly ignored. Mikael Jannson's lush photos,styled by Karl Templer,in the jazz-inspired fashion story 'Let's Get Lost' create a vision of a smoky speakeasy that has never looked so smooth,shiny and very,very sexy.

    Like A Virgin All Over Again –
    August 2010 123 Pages 0 Minutes of audio 4 Minutes of video
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    Madonna Lets Get Los Gildo Zegna Prepster In The Sun Marina And The Diamonds Karen Elson Shepard Fairey Aaron Johnson Josh Hutcherson Talulah Riley David Blaine
    Editorial Director –
    Fabien Baron
    Editor In Chief –
    Stephen Mooallem
    Creative Director –
    Karl Templer
    Art Director –
    Aurelie Pellissier
    Interview - Like A Virgin All Over Again  Interview - Like A Virgin All Over Again  Interview - Like A Virgin All Over Again  Interview - Like A Virgin All Over Again  Interview - Like A Virgin All Over Again  Like A Virgin All Over Again  Interview - Like A Virgin All Over Again

Our Take —

Interview is in a category all of its own. Originating as Andy Warhol’s ultimate Pop Art gesture –the vehicle through which Andy might provide everyone with those legendary fifteen minutes of fame- Interview has managed to negotiate the tricky responsibility for any magazine originating as an art work. And it has largely prospered and triumphed in its salubrious history since its first appearance in 1969. Understandably tightly controlled by Warhol and his acolytes until nearly the end of the famed artist’s life, Interview has been kept on track by the same publishing house that acquired the title in 1987 shortly after Warhol’s death.

Living up to the singular spirit, flair and visual power of a magazine once produced by an artist famed for his stark, direct portraiture and his equally creative gang of collaborators can never be an easy task. Yet, somehow, even without Warhol, Interview has managed to encapsulate that very specific heady mix of celebrity, art, fashion, film and, needless to say, interviews. Interview continues to read like a who’s who of the hip and cool, a very particular publication built on the long experience of time spent at the coal face of chic.

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