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Interview’s high summer issue is also most definitely its ‘pre-Fall’ issue in the sense of setting the buzz in motion for the incoming fashion season: fashion gets a lot of attention. Cult brand Marni will be offering up a riot of avant-garde textures and prints this autumn and Interview gives us a sneak preview, accompanied by an interview with the brand’s designer Consuelo Castiglioni. Gucci is turning ninety and that’s definitely a reason for celebration. Depeche Mode’s Dave Gahan fires the questions at Frida Giannini, the current in a long line of creatives responsible for defining the brand’s unique style and ethos while Mert & Marcus’ stunning shoot that accompanies the interview carries the proof that Gucci still has what it takes to define a youthful sophistication. Fendi’s Fall collection gets the special attention of Craig McDean and Karl Templer in a shoot all of its own. And Fabien Baron’s fashion story ‘The Clash’ sees Marie-Amelie Sauve styling hot items from the seasonal luxury collections according to the spirit of punk, the source of inspiration for it all.

This does not, however, mean that Interview’s non-fashion celebrities are neglected. Covergirl actress Freida Pinto answers Tim Blanks’ questions and, in so doing, shows that India’s latest talent to take on the world may be a former model, but is no airhead. By contrast, Mert & Marcus’ extensive shoot of Freida that accompany prove exactly why she was a model in the first place.

Tyler, the Creator, the 20-year-old rapper at the heart of Los Angeles collective Odd Future has his say in an interview with Waka Flocka Flame and Dimitri Ehrlich in which it becomes clear that things are most definitely evolving into something new and strange on the west coast’s rap scene. And, last, but certainly not least, Gloria Steinem speaks with Maria Shriver. As the article proves, Feminism’s radical firebrand may have mellowed somewhat in style over the years but she remains as sharp as a knife in her analysis of things on the landscape of sexual and general politics.

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    Interview - Freida Pinto   Interview - Freida Pinto   Interview - Freida Pinto   Interview - Freida Pinto   Interview - Freida Pinto   Freida Pinto  Interview - Freida Pinto

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Interview is in a category all of its own. Originating as Andy Warhol’s ultimate Pop Art gesture –the vehicle through which Andy might provide everyone with those legendary fifteen minutes of fame- Interview has managed to negotiate the tricky responsibility for any magazine originating as an art work. And it has largely prospered and triumphed in its salubrious history since its first appearance in 1969. Understandably tightly controlled by Warhol and his acolytes until nearly the end of the famed artist’s life, Interview has been kept on track by the same publishing house that acquired the title in 1987 shortly after Warhol’s death.

Living up to the singular spirit, flair and visual power of a magazine once produced by an artist famed for his stark, direct portraiture and his equally creative gang of collaborators can never be an easy task. Yet, somehow, even without Warhol, Interview has managed to encapsulate that very specific heady mix of celebrity, art, fashion, film and, needless to say, interviews. Interview continues to read like a who’s who of the hip and cool, a very particular publication built on the long experience of time spent at the coal face of chic.

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