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Once she was the girl that every pre-teen wanted to be and now it’s their big sisters’ turn. Interview’s September covergirl is a very grown-up Anne Hathaway. Chelsea Handler poses the questions to the former matinee idol turned full-blown Hollywood icon. Mert & Marcus shoot of Ms Hathaway, styled by Karl Templer, is a stunning monochrome memento mori of a shoot that give Anne a suitably dramatic air.
September is, of course, the time of the annual fashion address. And needless to say, Interview’s Fall Fashion Issue is brimming with it; the best of the best. There are plenty of fabulous fashion stories to elaborate the hot looks in the top collections, but in many ways what sets Interview’s fashion issue apart from the rest is staying close to its roots: the interviews. In a little twist that is typical of the title, the fashion heavyweights become the interviewers rather than the interviewees. For example, Karl Lagerfeld interviews French fashion legend Carine Roitfeld, Sarah Burton poses the questions to renowned hairstylist Guido and Tom Ford has an intimate conversation with NYC fashion incarnate, Marisa Berenson.

All reveal intimate and very human sides of people that are more usually spotted from the other side of the fashionista velvet rope. Of course, great portraits accompany all interviews. The most stunning of these are Steven Meisel’s photographs of Marisa Berenson; a full-blown fashion story in their own right. Even though Ms Berenson is no longer a spring chicken –we probably shouldn’t pry as to exactly how old she is now- they effortlessly explain exactly why she became a fashion icon in the first place and will always remain so.

Meanwhile, away from the Fall fashion frenzy, Dimitri Ehrlich’s interview with Simon Cowell is as much an interesting snapshot of the state of the mass entertainment industry as it is a portrait of the English media entrepreneur. Best known for his record-breaking formulae for popular television formats and the ability to make a fortune out of the most unlikely stars, it’s a candid look into the psyche of a one-man pop factory.

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    Interview - Annehathaway Issue  Interview - Annehathaway Issue  Interview - Annehathaway Issue  Interview - Annehathaway Issue  Interview - Annehathaway Issue  Annehathaway Issue  Interview - Annehathaway Issue

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Interview is in a category all of its own. Originating as Andy Warhol’s ultimate Pop Art gesture –the vehicle through which Andy might provide everyone with those legendary fifteen minutes of fame- Interview has managed to negotiate the tricky responsibility for any magazine originating as an art work. And it has largely prospered and triumphed in its salubrious history since its first appearance in 1969. Understandably tightly controlled by Warhol and his acolytes until nearly the end of the famed artist’s life, Interview has been kept on track by the same publishing house that acquired the title in 1987 shortly after Warhol’s death.

Living up to the singular spirit, flair and visual power of a magazine once produced by an artist famed for his stark, direct portraiture and his equally creative gang of collaborators can never be an easy task. Yet, somehow, even without Warhol, Interview has managed to encapsulate that very specific heady mix of celebrity, art, fashion, film and, needless to say, interviews. Interview continues to read like a who’s who of the hip and cool, a very particular publication built on the long experience of time spent at the coal face of chic.

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