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Although there is undoubtedly plenty of fashion in the Spring Fashion issue, don’t expect the usual formulaic approach: it’s as much a matter of incorporating fashion into established Interview traditions as it is Interview accommodating fashion’s familiar formats. For example, two of fashion’s hot duos are included in the issue, but from different sides of the fence. Chloe Sevigny questions fashion, asking answers of Lazaro Hernadez and Jack MCCollough, the designers of hot label Proenza Schouler. And fashion gets to question back in the form of the Rodarte sisters’ interview with top international contemporary art heavyweight, Karen Kilimnik. Similarly legendary designer Azzedine Alaïa asks the questions of French superstylist Carlyne Cerf De Dudzeele who styles the accompanying shoot by Steven Meisel.

But the more familiar format of the lush fashion story is hardly neglected. Fabien Baron turns his directorial hand at showcasing Giorgio Armani’s much talked about all blue SS11 collection with Ludivine Poiblanc taking on the styling. Effectively sumptuous stills from an exclusive video celebrating the collection that places model-turned-singer/songwriter Karen Elson at the centre of the action, it’s a suitably sumptuous celebration of Armani’s Tuareg-inspired indigo statement collection. Meanwhile Karl Templer and Craig McDean cover the respective styling and photographic bases for the more trend-orientated ‘Supersize Me’ story that elaborates this season’s new voluminous silhouette as seen in the collections of brands like Nicole Miller, Alexander Wang, Bottega Veneta and many others.

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    Interview - Amanda Seyfried  Interview - Amanda Seyfried  Interview - Amanda Seyfried  Interview - Amanda Seyfried  Interview - Amanda Seyfried  Amanda Seyfried  Interview - Amanda Seyfried

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Interview is in a category all of its own. Originating as Andy Warhol’s ultimate Pop Art gesture –the vehicle through which Andy might provide everyone with those legendary fifteen minutes of fame- Interview has managed to negotiate the tricky responsibility for any magazine originating as an art work. And it has largely prospered and triumphed in its salubrious history since its first appearance in 1969. Understandably tightly controlled by Warhol and his acolytes until nearly the end of the famed artist’s life, Interview has been kept on track by the same publishing house that acquired the title in 1987 shortly after Warhol’s death.

Living up to the singular spirit, flair and visual power of a magazine once produced by an artist famed for his stark, direct portraiture and his equally creative gang of collaborators can never be an easy task. Yet, somehow, even without Warhol, Interview has managed to encapsulate that very specific heady mix of celebrity, art, fashion, film and, needless to say, interviews. Interview continues to read like a who’s who of the hip and cool, a very particular publication built on the long experience of time spent at the coal face of chic.

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