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When, eventually, the current craze for vampirism finally dies, there will be those that blow away like dust scattered to the four corners of television history and those who rise from the living dead. It already looks like coverman Alex Skarsgård has ensured that his cult heartthrob status in HBO’s ‘True Blood’ has acted as a springboard for acting career life after living death. Win Butler, lead singer for Arcade Fire, gets up close and personal with Alex on what follows becoming a global television household name. Fortunately for diehard fans of Alex’s dark demonic talents, Steven Klein’s stunning photos, styled by Karl Templer, retain the same twisted sex appeal that has hurtled him out of the twilight and into the limelight.

Top creative fashion minds have a particularly strong presence in the issue in the form of Rick Owens’ conversation with Kris Van Assche and Donatella Versace’s tête-à-tête with Ricardo Tisci. Although delivering very different takes on fashion, both interviewees share the accolade of being the new vision for established luxury fashion brands; Dior Homme and Givenchy respectively. Taken together, these intimate chats accompanied by suitably consummate images of their work provide an insightful snapshot of the thinking of two figures that will inevitably play an increasingly influential role in the world of international fashion in the coming years.

Meanwhile on Interview’s fashion home front, Craig McDean shoots and Karl Templer styles a stunning story that picks up on the trend for smooth snakeskin in the coming season’s collections. From the slick python of jackets and bags at Gucci to the serpent skin boots at Prada, it’s all worked into a seductively slinky presence in an industrial location.

And though there are too many other great features to single out individually in this issue, the Made In The USA feature – Linda Yablonsky’s interview with Jennifer Allora and Guillermo Calzadilla, the artist duo chosen to represent the United States at this year’s Venice Biennale- is definitely of note. Their selection was somewhat unexpected and perhaps marks a certain wind of change for the American presence in Venice. Interesting then that all of those other glossy magazines that have been so eager to rub themselves against high art in recent years have somewhat overlooked the importance of all this. Naturally, Interview has not.

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    Interview - Alexander Skarsgard  Interview - Alexander Skarsgard  Interview - Alexander Skarsgard  Interview - Alexander Skarsgard  Interview - Alexander Skarsgard  Alexander Skarsgard  Interview - Alexander Skarsgard

Our Take —

Interview is in a category all of its own. Originating as Andy Warhol’s ultimate Pop Art gesture –the vehicle through which Andy might provide everyone with those legendary fifteen minutes of fame- Interview has managed to negotiate the tricky responsibility for any magazine originating as an art work. And it has largely prospered and triumphed in its salubrious history since its first appearance in 1969. Understandably tightly controlled by Warhol and his acolytes until nearly the end of the famed artist’s life, Interview has been kept on track by the same publishing house that acquired the title in 1987 shortly after Warhol’s death.

Living up to the singular spirit, flair and visual power of a magazine once produced by an artist famed for his stark, direct portraiture and his equally creative gang of collaborators can never be an easy task. Yet, somehow, even without Warhol, Interview has managed to encapsulate that very specific heady mix of celebrity, art, fashion, film and, needless to say, interviews. Interview continues to read like a who’s who of the hip and cool, a very particular publication built on the long experience of time spent at the coal face of chic.

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