NUMMER ETT/ 2010 —

The seminal outing of Swedish magazine Intermission ventures forth big on coverage of foreign celebrity and talent. The cover –and indeed an article inside- features fashion socialite (no, that’s definitely not a socialista!) Julia Restoin Roitfeld. Everyone from Interview magazine’s Christopher Bollen and bad boy artist Banks Violette to shoe designer Pierre Hardy and NYC jewellery designer Pamela Love get star treatment whilst the local talent are somewhat relegated to the sidelines. Is this what head honcho Daniel Magnussen meant when he all told Interview’s Ana Finel Honigman that he thought Intermission’s raison d'être was to provide the missing “real point of view” on the Scandinavian magazine scene “where all magazines include the same news and people and almost look the same"? Then again, at the time, Interview seemed to be under the impression that Banks Violette would be on the cover and that it’s in Danish, so how will we ever know? Time, I guess.

    NUMMER ETT/ 2010 –
    June 2010 99 Pages 0 Minutes of audio 0 Minutes of video
    In This Issue –
    Real Love Studios Body Movin' Modell Q&A Seasons in the sun J.R.R True Blue
    Editor In Chief –
    Daniel Magnussen
    Creative Director –
    Patrick Sehlstedt & Frederik Lindstrom
    Intermission - NUMMER ETT/ 2010  Intermission - NUMMER ETT/ 2010  Intermission - NUMMER ETT/ 2010  Intermission - NUMMER ETT/ 2010  Intermission - NUMMER ETT/ 2010  NUMMER ETT/ 2010  Intermission - NUMMER ETT/ 2010

Our Take —

The brainchild of Daniel Magnussen, whose association with a magazine called HE seems to be a big deal locally, the idea is that Intermission will, in Magnussen’s opinion, bring an important addition to the Scandinavian publishing scene by having a strong point of view. Again, I guess only time – and translations or reading Swedish- will tell whether his view of his publication is accurate or not, since, on the face of it, it appears to be a fairly middle-of-the road publication for some of the efforts coming out of Scandinavia these days. Over-sized with a simple unpretentious art direction, the fashion photography tends towards the direct and simple aesthetic associated with the region.

One thing that does seem notable about this publication, however is that it seems to focus heavily on celebrities and talents from outside of northern Europe, making it somewhat unusual for a Scandinavian magazine.

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