Volume 17 - No.4 —

IdN’s centenary issue is one big birthday bash. At the centre of this celebration of more than fifteen years in creative publishing is the magazine’s largest feature article yet. In it, IdN pick the brains of 10 of the world’s top graphic design talents and ask them to give their views on the state of the art today; how it’s changed and where it’s going. They also ask them to highlight their personal picks for the stars of tomorrow; today’s hottest emerging graphic designers. From Stefan Sagmeister to Jason Brooks, Jeremyville to Big Active, each of these heavyweights in the world of graphic design and creative direction wholeheartedly rises to the occasion to identify a protégé or new talent. Essential reading for any creative agency looking to get ahead of the game.

The second expansive feature in the issue is devoted to the Contemporary Graphic Art Fair at Somerset House, something of a first for the UK. IdN, gives over substantial space to profiling the talents showcased in this unique event profiling top graphic design talent that, hopefully, will become a regular fixture. The diversity of the precise and beautiful work shown here makes it unfair to single out particular individuals. Far better you experience it for yourself.

    Volume 17 - No.4 –
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    Motion Gallery Celebratin 100 issues: the view from the top Non-Format / Victor Timofeev Stefan Sagmeister Janson Brooks Stanley Donwood e Boy / Peekasso Big Active / Maurice Broomfield John Jay / Tom Sachs Jeremyville / Kidrobot Antoine + Gabriel / Genevieve Gauckler Pick me up Mathis Rekovski Jess Wilson
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    Bill Cranfield
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    Jonathan Ng
    IdN - Volume 17 - No.4  IdN - Volume 17 - No.4  IdN - Volume 17 - No.4  IdN - Volume 17 - No.4  IdN - Volume 17 - No.4  Volume 17 - No.4  IdN - Volume 17 - No.4

Our Take —

IdN - or the International Designers Network- is based in Hong Kong. In the time it’s taken IdN to reach its current 15th Anniversary, it has built up an avid following. Naturally, that includes a huge cohort of professionals from all fields of design, particularly graphic design and art direction. But, its powerful iconography and cutting-edge design has made it desirable to a far wider audience.

Most issues are constructed according to a theme. And most of the themes are understandably connected to with business of being a designer. Sometimes more conceptually abstract or thematic – craft, geometric, war & peace- and sometimes directly career path related – the illustration issue, the art directors issue, the typography issue etc.- IdN keeps its editorial responsibility to practitioners close by and never simply wanders off into the hedonism of joyous creation.

Fortunately for us outside of the target professional ranks, there is a lot of joyous creation going on. Even if we might have less interest in some of the articles on how to get ahead in the design world, there are more than enough articles and endless beautiful visuals to make it an interesting read for anyone interested in design culture in its broadest sense.

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