Issue 4 Save the Males —

Berlin’s metrosexual metropolitan men’s magazine offers an issue that’s packed with its usual features from the fields of culture, design, lifestyle and current affairs. Not unexpectedly, fashion features large. And so does the male body, which is more or less the theme of this, the Save The Males issue. From the torso count alone, this is certainly likely to be an issue that appeals to gay men and straight narcissists and naturists.

Fashion walks almost all possible paths in this issue; from the punchy roundup of the seasonal trends to extensive fashion stories that elaborate almost all the current hip images of male fashion identity, from lithe skinny-boy models in gritty retro denim looks through to the laidback country stylings for the more mature man. Of particular note is Pieter Henket’s Wall Street Afterhour story, styled by Daniele Mancinetti. It’s a zingy glossy affair that locks strawberry blond coverboy Kevin Rice in the back of a limo with equally sexy Masha and uses their erotic antics as a suitable vehicle to profile top brands. Equally impressive is Cathrin Jo Ann Wind’s story, styled by Benjamin Armand, that manages to place a fashion shoot into a credibly functioning formula one race pit stop. It’s a very clever little piece of faux documentary cinema.

In the features department, Liam J Aldous’ article on the psychology of muscle is an amusing musing on the mindset of the men addicted to pumping iron that is well worth a read.

    Issue 4 Save the Males –
    October 2010 276 Pages 0 Minutes of audio 0 Minutes of video
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    The perfect man What you want me to do? A special photographer A real man is hard ti find big, bigger, biggest The Macho factor Ice gold The revival of military style go down with the jacks oversize me yes shearling Black fetish Watch out
    Editor In Chief –
    Daniele Mancinetti
    Art Director –
    Alex Svensson
    Geil - Issue 4 Save the Males  Geil - Issue 4 Save the Males  Geil - Issue 4 Save the Males  Geil - Issue 4 Save the Males  Geil - Issue 4 Save the Males  Issue 4 Save the Males  Geil - Issue 4 Save the Males

Our Take —

Geil is a new German men’s magazine published in English. In fact, its promotions claim that it is an entirely new concept for a title in the German men’s magazine market aimed at mature and sophisticated men focusing on fashion, lifestyle, travel, grooming and shopping.

Is binning the bare-boobed babes in favour of handsome young men modeling the latest swimwear collections really what the new German man wants? It’s an interesting question, especially for a magazine that does not pitch itself as openly ‘gay’.

One suspects that what Geil would like to achieve is something similar to the success of a title like Details in the 1990’s. Indeed, Geil even reminds one of Details. Here –as the water cooler guffaws revealed about Details – there is a lot of gay-friendly content, especially for gay men not eager to jump on a gay pride float. But, at the same time, there is more than enough to appeal to the style-conscious, sporty and sensitive straight boy who, as footballers have taught us, is often far more narcissistic than either women or gay men.

With lush photography and a lot of content across a range of topics, Geil is a magazine that is packaged in a contemporary but not too arty art direction, making it appealing to men who like toys, are interested in design and looking good but not necessarily fashionistas. Geil has all the ingredients to prove a hit with the chilled-out metrosexual males of any fast-moving urban centre and, no doubt, with a sizeable number of country boys who wish they could be there.

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