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Frame offers another packed issue brimming over with interesting material from the international world of interior architecture and design. Pride of place is given to the prolific Dutch designer Hella Jongerius whose work – usually under the moniker of her Jongeriuslab- has recently been profiled in a major retrospective at Rotterdam’s prestigious Boijmans van Beuningen museum. Known for her work that combines low-tech and traditional craft techniques with state-of-the-art technology, Frame takes her arresting installation of 500 brightly coloured vases as the starting point for a discussion of her approach and career.

As always, one is spoiled for choice in highlighting articles of note in any issue of Frame. Chris Scott’s article on Chartier-Corbasson’s stunning remaking of the Musée Paul Belmondo to provide a suitable presentation for the huge collection of figurative sculptures of all dimensions is a delight. If this work doesn’t finally silence those who believe that period buildings cannot coexist with highly contemporary architecture, nothing will. Then of course, there’s the article by distinguished architecture writer Michael Webb on the 2010 Venice Architecture Biennale; a provocative and rewarding read. And one should certainly not miss Giovanna Dunmall’s feature article on some shining examples of recent hospital architecture. Some of the featured buildings as simply so beautiful that one might almost wish to be ill.

As always, Frame delivers top-notch commentary on thoughtfully selected examples from its area of expertise.

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Our Take —

Frame –and its sister publication Mark- deal with contemporary architecture. There is most certainly a lot of shared ground between the two publications. But perhaps the easiest way to differentiate between the two is to view Mark as being the title that deals with architecture in more traditional and general terms –though seldom traditional or general architecture- whereas Frame is primarily a magazine of interior architecture and its concomitant disciplines. As the title’s strap line of ‘The Great Indoors’ suggests, Frame is a magazine that profiles excellence in the fields of interior architecture, product and furniture design and numerous other manifestations that all add up to interesting indoor spaces.

Like the other titles in the family of publications, it has a bold and crisp art direction; a modular and modern sensibility very much the product of the Dutch design scene from which it arises. Also, as with its sister publication, it manages to fill each issue with a lot of content without ever feeling cramped.

Frame, in many ways, is an even more accessible title that Mark since its remit enables it to profile a broader range of design and architectural activities than its sibling title. Contributors frequently include world-class expertise from within the relevant disciplines covered; yet it remains a breezy and informative read likely to appeal to professionals and followers alike.

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