ISSUE 06 - WINTER 2011 —

Fantom has rapidly established itself as an important voice in the field of contemporary photographic art and issue number six sees it sailing forth with gusto. Jordan Hruska’s article on Arthur Tress immediately demands attention. Accompanied by a stunning array of Tress’ haunting black and white abstracted images, Hruska’s commentary in the form of the article ‘Camera Consciousness’ is an intelligent insight into Tress’ 1960’s offerings that bring a certain abstract naturalism to the practice entirely in keeping with the spirit of the times. Also immediately engaging is Giorgio Barrera’s interview with Joel Meyerowitz whose street photography of New York in the 1960’s and 1970’s has merged with the popular memory of a particular time and place.

The coverage of emerging photographic talent is strong as ever with the portfolio of Jessica Labatte jumping off the page. Labatte’s assemblage technique that sees her photographing household detritus in such a way that complex light reflections and careful placement render them abstract and strange will no doubt gain more attention in the coming years. Also, for diehard Star Wars fans and the sci-fi disinterested alike, Rä di Martino’s body of work documenting the abandoned sets for the original Star Wars film in the southern Tunisian wilderness of Chott el-Djerid is a pure treat; popular culture as Romantic metaphysics.


    ISSUE 06 - WINTER 2011 –
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    Fantom - ISSUE 06 - WINTER 2011  Fantom - ISSUE 06 - WINTER 2011  Fantom - ISSUE 06 - WINTER 2011  Fantom - ISSUE 06 - WINTER 2011  Fantom - ISSUE 06 - WINTER 2011  ISSUE 06 - WINTER 2011  Fantom - ISSUE 06 - WINTER 2011

Our Take —

Fantom is published out of Milan and is edited by Cay Sophie Rabinowitz and Selva Barni – based in New York and Milan respectively- and is a quarterly photographic magazine that profiles some of the most interesting offerings from the international photography scene today. Its focus is mainly on art photography and visual artists who use photography. But, it’s certainly not limited to that. The alchemy of chemical and light in all its forms is covered.

Fantom, however, is not one of those photographic magazines in which articles are limited to brief introductions to beautiful layouts of pictures. The lengthy layouts are there, but so are the words. Eschewing gossipy celebrity-driven articles in favour of serious but engaging texts by respected writers and critics – they really are a bit like journal essays without the dryness- Fantom contextualises its content with punchy writing that assumes the audience is smart enough to do without patronising explication and would rather get to the heart of the matter. It promises a much-needed asset for those interested in the cusp at a time when the distinctions between ‘art’, ‘photography’ and ‘commercial’ have become outmoded.

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