DROME #19 —

This issue, dedicated to the supernatural, clearly chosen to leave you spellbound, reflects, rejoices and introduces itself in the short passage by Agnieszka Kurant in the INTRO section: her new art pieces represent a stunning cartography of islands that do not exist, but which actually might exist because once they existed – as someone, just for one day or for years, believed they were there. Phantasmagorical strips of land with blurry boundaries, where the spectrum of possibilities is not limited to the simplified, if not adulterated, reality that surrounds us every day. Beauty and mystery, therefore, but also a further proof that even imaginary world is not safe from colonialism and socio-economic interests.

    DROME #19 –
    August 2011 196 Pages 0 Minutes of audio 0 Minutes of video
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    The Healers Hildegard von Bingen Meric Canatan Ross Love Grove Raw Edges Steven Forrest Master Musicians Of Bukkake Umberto Chiodi Kara Tanaka Mounir Fatmi
    Editor In Chief –
    Rosanna Gangemi
    Creative Director –
    Stefan Pollak

Our Take —

The secret of its longevity lies in its claim. Independence, a cross-cultural approach and beauty are the main sources of inspiration for DROME, an edge-driven magazine with an international appeal, featuring and skilfully mixing art, photography, design, videos, fashion, architecture, cinema, music, theatre, literature and the art of dance.

Directed by Rosanna Gangemi and Stefan Pollak, DROME represents the new generation of contemporary art magazines. Founded in Rome eight years ago, published by the creative studio PHLEGMATICS, distributed in over twenty-five countries worldwide and with operational seats also in Brussels and Paris, the magazine is published every four months in a bilingual version (Italian/ English). A monographic and experimental magazine, renowned for its focus on the organisation of events, DROME represents a crossroads where the most innovative contemporary art voices in the current international scene meet.

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