Spring/Summer 2010 —

The current issue, obviously conceived in the midst of global economic woes, boldly proclaims ‘Who needs realism?’ on the cover and the SS10 outing of Dansk seems to be committed to a theatrical and colourful vibe. Not that its signature black and white photography is absent; far from it.

Scott Trindle’s photos, styled by John McCarty, lay the ground in the ‘Rapture’ fashion story where the unreasonably theatrical and impractically sculptural pieces from the collections are the focus, underscoring fashion’s rich history of swimming against the tide even at times of adversity.

A theme of similar disregard for pragmatism runs through the Hollywood fairytale of unexpected success recounted in the key feature on Danish model turned actress, Brigitte Nielsen. Gitte, whose Amazon platinum blonde sex goddess looks spawned a million copycat wannabes in the 1980’s, chews the fat on her experiences whilst photographer Jam and stylist Elizabeth Sulcer camp it up with the L.A. clichés in the accompanying photos of Ms Nielsen’s timely return to strutting her supermodel stuff.

    Spring/Summer 2010 –
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    The Backdrop To Your Life Look At Me, Mummy! We Want Gitte's Legs, Gitte's Hair, Gitte's Everything! The Better You Look, The More You See Miss Olga Ooh-la-la Dansk Does Conde Nast Traveller Willy Time! TY, You Totally Remind Us Of Someone There's Always A Way To Wear Fur Le Collections With Bastiaan The Beauteous Overdressed Is Best Le Collections With The Super Gorge Katlin The Elephant In The Room Cut Class And Smoke Fags With Heidi
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    Uffe Buchard & Kim Grenaa
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    Rune Hogsberg & Michael Mandrup
    Dansk - Spring/Summer 2010  Dansk - Spring/Summer 2010  Dansk - Spring/Summer 2010  Dansk - Spring/Summer 2010  Dansk - Spring/Summer 2010  Spring/Summer 2010  Dansk - Spring/Summer 2010

Our Take —

Dansk is the Danish magazine that has gone through various trials and tribulations since its first appearance as one of those titles seeking to provide a platform for a specific national creative talent in the international arena. Today, it probably the most lauded Danish fashion magazine and is a key player in the Scandinavian fashion and design media scene.

With occasional brief forays into other disciplines Dansk is almost exclusively a fashion magazine, covering both men’s and women’s fashion. Although it profiles a range of approaches to fashion – some with the pared down simplicity that we have come to associate with Scandinavian design and some less so- the emphasis is on precise full-bleed photography unhindered by a fairly understated art direction; the fashion is expected to speak for itself.

In addition to the pool of local talent it profiles as designers, stylists and photographers, its growing reputation as one of the important barometers of northern Europe’s fashion scene means that is has also become more international in outlook and contributors over time.

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