Autumn/Winter 2010 —

One would think that the theme ‘Modesty’ would be an ideal match for Dansk’s penchant for a pared down and simple Scandinavian styling, and, indeed, less is more, seems to be one of the main messages of the editor’s seasonal address. But oddly a lot of the shoots in this AW10 issue offer more colourful camp and grandiose melodrama than usual, even if the clothes themselves remain stark and simple on the whole. This is no bad thing. In fact, the issue is dripping with sumptuous and crisp photography and an engaging energy.

The AW10 issue sees Dansk in a fashionista mode: almost all of the content is purely about fashion and even the articles are given over to opinion and gossipy industry insider commentaries on the discipline. Furthermore, Dansk’s crypto-official status as a showcase for Danish fashion culture means that the majority of the content deals with Danish fashion and its references, perhaps even more so than in recent issues. As such, it gives an interesting insight into a regional sensibility whilst offering a lot of visual content that confidently stakes out its place in the international market.

There are too many excellent fashion stories to credit them individually, though it’s interesting to note that the men’s fashion in this issue comes off particularly well.

    Autumn/Winter 2010 –
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    Heavy Metal Be My Valentino Danophile Unspoken Miss Missy Outspoken The Commuter Curves Ahead Hangin Tough Postcards Lee Was Here Anarchy French Me
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    Uffe Buchard & Kim Grenaa
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    Applied Projects/Rune Hogsberg & Michael Mandrup
    Dansk - Autumn/Winter 2010  Dansk - Autumn/Winter 2010  Dansk - Autumn/Winter 2010  Dansk - Autumn/Winter 2010  Dansk - Autumn/Winter 2010  Autumn/Winter 2010  Dansk - Autumn/Winter 2010

Our Take —

Dansk is the Danish magazine that has gone through various trials and tribulations since its first appearance as one of those titles seeking to provide a platform for a specific national creative talent in the international arena. Today, it probably the most lauded Danish fashion magazine and is a key player in the Scandinavian fashion and design media scene.

With occasional brief forays into other disciplines Dansk is almost exclusively a fashion magazine, covering both men’s and women’s fashion. Although it profiles a range of approaches to fashion – some with the pared down simplicity that we have come to associate with Scandinavian design and some less so- the emphasis is on precise full-bleed photography unhindered by a fairly understated art direction; the fashion is expected to speak for itself.

In addition to the pool of local talent it profiles as designers, stylists and photographers, its growing reputation as one of the important barometers of northern Europe’s fashion scene means that is has also become more international in outlook and contributors over time.

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