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Kristina Wilson’s article on Eero Saarinen’s Womb Chair and the part it played in the mainstreaming of American modernism may not be of much interest to those collectors who favour older collectibles. It would be a pity, for it is undoubtedly one of the highlights of the current issue. Mapping out just how manufacturers and media worked hand-in-hand to reposition American public tastes in the post-war period is both an intriguing narrative and useful insight into the mechanisms of a mass culture in motion.

Naturally, America’s leading antiques magazine pays attention to lots of other key topics in this and every issue. With its primary focus on the American scene, another highlight is the portrait of an intriguing private collection built up by a couple whose passion for the strange complexities of the culture of the southern USA has resulted in a robust collection that has a distinctly folkloric feel to it; buzzing with quirky artefacts exemplifying an American history less frequently laid out in the dominant myths and legends. Equally fascinating is the article on the codes embedded in the work of John Shearer, the legendary 18th century joiner whose exquisite pieces of the Revolutionary War era testify to his pro-British politics.

    No.3 - One House Two Worlds –
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    Current and Coming Farther Afield Reflections: Charleston Journal New Collector Editorial Living with antiques A newly discovered Rhode Island cabinet maker Regional matters: Roddy and Sally Moore, collectors Saarinen's Womb chair and the mainstreaming of American Modernism Living with antiques: Shearer energy Images of loyalism and heritage in John Shearer's furniture Notes on the furniture at Boscobel
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    Edward Emerson
    Antiques - No.3 - One House Two Worlds  Antiques - No.3 - One House Two Worlds  Antiques - No.3 - One House Two Worlds  Antiques - No.3 - One House Two Worlds  Antiques - No.3 - One House Two Worlds  No.3 - One House Two Worlds  Antiques - No.3 - One House Two Worlds

Our Take —

The Magazine Antiques has been around almost as long as some of the beautiful works if profiles. Authoritative yet breezy, it’s entirely clear how this periodical has remained one of the most successful antiques-specialist titles in the world. With an impressive circulation in its home territory of the USA, although the content remains primarily focused on the American antiques scene - the original reason for its existence all those decades ago- its outlook is international, as befits any title devoted to the field. American antique collectors, so the media clichés tell us, are very fond of the cultural output of much older art and design cultures in addition to homegrown traditions. Furthermore, as a forward-looking title that understands the shifts in trends and collection markets, Antiques is one of the few titles that has devoted editorial to new emerging markets and trends in addition to the more traditional Eurocentric circuits and their established tendencies towards Orientalism.

Picking up on trends –such as a fresh appetite for African antiques in a new multicultural generation or emerging East-to-East markets- Antiques remains an informative and accessible resource for a diverse readership; for love or money.

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