Issue 10 —

Anglomania keeps to its unusual axis of sport and fashion, updating and broadening what a contemporary sports magazine can be. The feature (apparently the first in a series) on Britain’s 2012 Olympic hopefuls is a good example of what makes this magazine unique. The articles summarising the careers of a handful of UK talents is pretty traditional fare; solid sports journalism. But, in the accompanying studio-shot photos of each of these sportspeople simulating a particular sport, we are offered starkly beautiful, overtly staged images that genuinely reconfigure sports genre photography.

Similarly, the ‘Battleground’ fashion story with photos by Satoshi Minakawa and styling by Yasuhiro Takehisa could be taken as a summation of the agenda of Anglomania’s editorial conceit. Nubile models splash their way through wet playing fields in a combination of sportswear and high fashion. Contrary to the exceptions that prove the rule, these wet dream ball sports players are a far cry from the real big ladies who actually play rugby.

With items such as a documentary photoessay on Africa’s makeshift outdoor gyms or the interview with footballer to Jermaine Jenas, the crossbreeding of sport and fashion snakes throughout the issue. 

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    Anglomania - Issue 10  Anglomania - Issue 10  Anglomania - Issue 10  Anglomania - Issue 10  Anglomania - Issue 10  Issue 10  Anglomania - Issue 10

Our Take —

Anglomania is an oddity. For a start, there’s the name. Anyone glimpsing it on the rack amongst the fashion glossies couldn’t be blamed for immediately thinking of the Vivienne Westwood line. But it turns out that there is no correlation between the tenets of Westwood’s Anglomania and the magazine that shares the name. This is a hybrid: a sports magazine with a style-conscious outlook, which proves even more puzzling since, although the predominant sports-orientated content is pretty international, one can’t help wondering about the jingoistic connotations of the name, especially when it is undeniably British in its perspective.

The other enigma is the magazine’s target market. It covers both male and female fashion and yet, in the kinds of coverage of sports and boys’ toys that form its core, it is very much in keeping with magazines aimed at men. One suspects that the aim of Anglomania is to update the traditional sports magazine and attract sporty fashion and style conscious readers of both genders. It’s a cool theory, so let’s see what the future brings. In addition to its lean, crisp art direction, Anglomania’s main contribution to the canon is undeniably the use of excellent and creative photography to reinvent sports imagery.

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