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Dazed & Confused has always been about creative collaboration. So, for this special 20th anniversary issue, we decided to give the editorial control to 20 of our favourite past cover stars. We asked them to each choose a cover star for the future, and consequently created 40 unique images for this issue. Dazed has never been afraid of trying something new. I wanted to create images that weren't the same as everything else you see on the newsstand - cover shots are typically all about an immediate impact. I liked the idea of doing something subtler, leaving a bit to the imagination, creating some intrigue. It's not immediately apparent who these cover stars are - you have to look a little more closely to figure it out. When we started Dazed in 1991, it was about creating a platform for a lot of different people, not just for ourselves. When I look back at all the things we've done and the amazing people we've brought together over the last two decades, I feel very proud. I'd like to thank everyone who has worked with Jefferson and myself on the magazine and website for their ideas, energy, creativity and belief in our ethos. I would also like to thank my team at Rankin Photography for their continuing hard graft and for helping me make the images in my head come alive. We couldn't have done it without all of you. Here's to the next 20 years... continuing to make it up as we go along!

    Cover Icons Issue –
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    Childish Gambino Laura Oldfield Ford Kaya scodelario Lady Leshurr Incoming Intelligent Design Converse Outsider
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    Rod Stanley
    Dazed & Confused - Cover Icons Issue  Dazed & Confused - Cover Icons Issue  Dazed & Confused - Cover Icons Issue  Dazed & Confused - Cover Icons Issue  Dazed & Confused - Cover Icons Issue  Cover Icons Issue  Dazed & Confused - Cover Icons Issue

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Dazed & Confused is arguably the most important London-based magazine of its kind since the pitched street battles of the 1980’s when Britain’s new wave of glossy street style mags – Blitz, The Face and I-D- fought for readership supremacy.

Set-up by Jefferson Hack and Rankin, initially as a sporadic fold-out poster paper in 1992, Dazed & Confused epitomized a new wave of publishing creatives on the UK scene. Like their counterparts in other disciplines, theirs was a reaction against what came before. The overly staged and indulgent gave way to a kind of documentary, shot-from-the-hip reportage; the serious and politically engaged to a kind of media-literate cynicism or irony. In the ‘Caring 90’s’, nothing could be cooler than admitting that you might not really care. Candidness, authenticity and cutting the crap seemed to be the bywords. In many ways, Dazed & Confused is a fine example of popular culture’s processing those drives that Bourriaud’s defining survey essay of the1990’s - Relational Aesthetics- applied to the work of hot artists of the era.

Perhaps now a tad glossier and more commercially attuned to the international fashion and celebrity system, Dazed & Confused continues as one of the UK’s most influential magazines.

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