We Like — Daddy Cool

Now that the footballers, their entourages and fans are finally departing, it’s a good time to take a break in a Cape Town that’s returning to a kind of normality. And where better to stay than at The Grand Daddy Hotel.

The Grand Daddy's Airstrea Penthouse Trailerpark

The Grand Daddy's Airstream Penthouse Trailerpark

The hotel, situated in Cape Town’s arty downtown is located in a historic colonial style building. But, when the Daddy Long Legs Group – also the creators of Africa’s first real ‘art’ hotel The Daddy Long Legs- decided on what they wanted for The Grand Daddy, they were thinking of something a little different.

Sure, the historic corner building offers more traditional rooms making a dignified use of the original architecture, built for practicality rather than grandeur. With a keen eye for proportion and scale, here the sensible choice has been to go for earth tones with the odd sweeping gesture through textiles and wallpapers where the African influence remains. It is never the thing of cheap tourist souvenirs but rather the playful and clever working of motifs into the background of wall coverings, decorative objets or sumptuous textiles. The same general approach extends to the more spacious Sugar Daddy Suite with it’s own private terrace.

And, of course, there’s the The Daddy Cool Bar, an exercise in combining nineteenth century frivolity and ostentation with a certain Blaxploitation jive. A favourite with local trendies and creatives, it’s frequently packed. Or there is The Showroom Café, the in-house restaurant run by local celebrity chef Bruce Robertson.

But, the real point of difference is the rooftop Airstream Penthouse Trailerpark.

Exactly what gave the creators the idea to hoist seven classic Airstream caravan’s onto the hotel’s roof, we may never know. In so doing, they have created a very special and playful place atop their sleek hotel; a fantasy holiday camp for all ages.

Naturally, if anyone is prepared to drag seven huge caravans onto the roof, we can hardly expect the gesture to stop there. Laid out around an elegant communal rooftop terrace with its own bar, each trailer is unique, the specific vision of one of the invited artists or designers commissioned to ensure that any visitor to the Airstream Penthouse Trailer Park will have an experience to remember. Choose the tongue-in-cheek 1950’s camp of Liam Mooney’s Pleasantville trailer if you’ve got secret yearnings to holiday as Lucille Ball in an unreal perfect past. On the other hand, perhaps Carla Soudien’s Afro Funk trailer with a brilliant sense of Art Deco crashing into Superfly on the African plains is the place for you. Kid’s in tow? Then Mark and Joe Stead’s Goldilocks & the 3 Bears is the best option.

The Airstream Penthouse Trailer Park is exactly the kind of playful fun that epitomizes The Grand Daddy Hotel, but don’t be fooled: adult slumber parties and campout antics aside, this is a working hotel with all the usual and expected facilities. All trailers come with minibar, satellite TV, high quality furnishings and of course, that essential, room service.

Two of the unique interiors at The Grand Daddy Hotel's Airstrea Penthouse Trailerpark

Two of the unique interiors at The Grand Daddy Hotel's Airstrea Penthouse Trailerpark