We Like — Changing Gear

G-Star Raw is known as a brand that does a lot more than merely produce the jeans and streetwear ranges that have seen it grow dramatically on the international market in the past decade. For example, there’s the brand’s ongoing collaboration with Australian product designer wunderkind Marc Newson. Newson’s 6-year long collaboration produces a capsule range for the brand that brings his own vision to what streetwear can be. And, since he is primarily a product designer, this often produces wonderful little touches when transferring that vision to a fashion context.

The Raw Canondale - pedal detail

The Raw Cannondale - pedal detail

This is not really that unexpected when one considers that G-Star Raw is a brand that concerns itself with design in the broadest sense, taking in everything from clothing to architecture. In this vein they run their Raw Crossover programme in which they explore their design and fashion philosophies beyond the realms of clothing.

Kicking off in 2005 with a collaboration with Landrover, the Raw Defender was followed by the launch of the Raw Ferry 01, a customized visitor ferry cruising the canals of Amsterdam in the label’s home country of the Netherlands. Intentional or otherwise, the transport theme is also at the heart of the latest Raw Crossover project, the Raw Canonndale.

The collaboration with classic American cycle manufacturer Cannondale has produced the hottest urban transport accessory: a high-end functional cycle in the brand’s signature gunboat grey with a number of eye-catching details. For example, there are the unusual brown tyres made especially for the cycle that work beautifully with the overall blanked-out colour of the umbro-grey. Or the fetching pedals with their ‘floating’ outer support cylinders. The bike has a wonderful air of utilitarian chic about it; something a little retro whilst being entirely contemporary.

Furthermore, the great thing about producing a tiny carbon footprint when the weather is right is that it’s actually a lot of fun to zip around a city on a bike. Perhaps we adults are not supposed to admit that. At least now we can blame it on the bike: we had to do it in the interests of design research.

The Raw Canondale

The Raw Cannondale