We Like — Rock Opera

Jonathan Johnson is the moniker under which cult German jewellery designer Oliver Pfeiffer works his magic in precious metals, stones and bright enamels. With a distinct tongue-in-cheek nod to the bling bling sensibilities of the pop and rock worlds, the Hamburg-based designer produces an eclectic range that is drawn together through consumate craftsmanship and a love of all iconography associated with the world of music. From the pimp-stylee gold logo rings to the kitschy surrealism of the baby unicorn pendant – one part art nouvea and two parts rock poster imagery from the 1970’s- the varied world of pop music subcultures and their dress codes play a strong part in Pfeiffer’s work. But, in his deft hands, his fertile imagination and studious craft is able to take things a lot further.

No surprise then that his designs have proven beloved of the art rock underground. But Pfeiffer more than simply serves their consumer desires: he engages directly with their creativity. The current collection, for example, includes a collaboration with pop singer and artist Angie Reed, the first in a series of planned collaborations with artists and those from the street art and music underground scenes.

This May will see Jonathan Johnson launch a flagship store in Hamburg. In the interim, the pieces are available through bijou outlets such as Herr von Eden in Germany or shops such as DC4 in Berlin or Kap Bambino and Machine A in London.