ISSUE 3 - SUMMER 2010 —

The aspirant mag from Lisbon delivers its third issue in which its particular approach to fashion is once again dominant. This does not mean that Zoot is one of those magazines that impose a singular view of fashion throughout. On the contrary, it is an eclectic mix of styles and styling in presenting fashion that at times shows the influences of a more restrained French classicism, at other times, excessive imagination run rampant. Good examples of the latter include one fashion story that sees an completely masked character running riot in a beach resort, one part parody superhero, one part fetish gonzo. Or another fashion feature that offers highly theatrical images of a stunning black model styled in strong colours. She is turned into a doll-like imp reminiscent of Jean Paul Goude’s styling for Grace Jones and New Order videos.

Ebony Bones and a number of bands are interviewed for those into music and Rayomond Pettibon is similarly featured for those into art.  But ultimately it’s the fashion that demands attention and the issue has more than enough interesting fashion stories to warrant attention. These range from various shoots to an interview with American designer Jeremy Scott and balanced and clear coverage of Paris collections.

    ISSUE 3 - SUMMER 2010 –
    May 2010 242 Pages 0 Minutes of audio 0 Minutes of video
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    Bad Veins Reflections Maybe it's because I'm a Londoner Solid Beverly Hills East You're just a puppet Ring craft Frou frou Man-size American Playboy The point is how to use your brain to feel good inside your clothes' Sculpted
    Editorial Director –
    David Roberts
    Creative Director –
    Thomas Probosch
    Art Director –
    Malin Persson
    ZOOT - ISSUE 3 - SUMMER 2010  ZOOT - ISSUE 3 - SUMMER 2010  ZOOT - ISSUE 3 - SUMMER 2010  ZOOT - ISSUE 3 - SUMMER 2010  ZOOT - ISSUE 3 - SUMMER 2010  ISSUE 3 - SUMMER 2010  ZOOT - ISSUE 3 - SUMMER 2010

Our Take —

Zoot is a pretty new magazine published in Lisbon that epitomizes the thrust of Portuguese creatives eager to take their place as a bona fide cutting-edge contributor to international contemporary culture. First published in 2009, this seasonal glossy sees vibrant Portuguese flair treading a similar path to its neighbour. Centuries ago, Portugal, like Spain, was one of the most important and wealthy cultural and political movers and shakers in Europe. After a similarly troubled twentieth century, the return to a democracy and entry into the European Union saw Portugal undergo a kind of renaissance. New generations of creatives eagerly embraced all kinds of freedoms that were denied their parents by the various powers that once were. Zoot is effectively the evidence of this transformation as a magazine.

Published in English with a vast array of international contributors, it is foremost a fashion magazine and it is clearly the area in which it is strongest and refreshingly dissimilar from many other European magazines. Strangely, the music promised in the title’s strap line does not feel very present and, whilst art, design and opinion have some presence, these feel tentative in comparison with the bold vision for fashion.

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