Big Game —

Big Game could as easily denote an instruction as to how we should approach this issue of Wound as a description of its content. Game, games and gaming – from child’s play and artistic puns to the world of social politics- draw together the meaty content in a way that is a signature of the title.

Mel Karch’s photos styled by Mathieu Pabiot of the womenswear collections shot in a mini Paris grab one's attention as do the two vampire stories picking up on the blood-sucking Gothic in the ether. Repetitive? Hardly. Tyen’s shoot styled by Laurent Dombrowicz is all Place Vendôme decadence with a whiff of ‘The Hunger’ about it whereas respected American documentary photographer Danielle Levitt does her take on the vampire freak kids of New York in a fashion shoot styled by Andrew Davis.

The stunning 32 page ‘Close-Up’ section on heavyweight painter Luc Tuymans ahead of his unprecedented four-museum solo exhibitions in the USA reveals him to be a man of many talents, intellectual gravitas and active participant abroad and in his home town, the compact fashion capital of Antwerp.

Also of note, Margo Thomson’s acerbic wit on the revival of the noble art of the crossbow. 

    Big Game –
    September 2009 373 Pages 0 Minutes of audio 46 Minutes of video
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Our Take —

Wound is unique in the world of high-end glossies. One immediately notices that the balance of content – fashion, art, architecture and design- is different from that of other magazines with a similar market. With credible content on art taking up one third of the magazine, for example, this is one of the few magazines that can deliver on its boast to place art, fashion and architecture on equal footing.

Aimed equally at men and women, the sumptuous and informed approach to fashion sits cohesively within an overall package that assumes its readers are intelligent rather than blind followers of fashion: serious articles and insightful writing on all the topics it covers are the bread ‘n butter of this quarterly.

Numerous magazines claim to be ‘curated’. After all, isn’t curatorial the new rock ‘n roll? But Wound is one of a tiny number of titles that has managed to offer entire issues curated around an interesting theme in which its team brings creativity to the approach and some real understanding of what a curatorial concept is. This is evident more than anywhere else in the ‘Close-Up’ sections of recent issues in which one interesting talent is explored laterally over 32 pages printed on bible paper.

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