Curious... Spring/Summer 2011 —

Vs. magazine’s Spring Summer 2011 issue offers four different covers, another example of what is becoming something of a standard now expected by the demanding reader. Vs. takes the approach of garnishing the effort with celebrity; those already known and those on the rise. Sky Ferreira, Paris Hilton, Nanna Oh Landa and Kylie Minogue are individually given the Vs. treatment as they act as very beautiful prompts to all sorts of questions about fame, fortune and generally becoming a star.

Naturally, inside the covers, each is accorded her own feature and it’s not an indictment against the others to say that Matt Irwin’s photos of Kylie, accompanied by Lucy Madison’s interview article, really demands attention. Also of note is Jorgen Ringstrand’s grainy shoot of Ethan Hawke who turns out to be a very effective celebrity model.

A similar air of Dustbowl Refugee chic runs through one of the issue’s most impressive fashion stories, Paolo Ventura’s ‘The Goldfish’. Actually, it’s a bit more of an homage to early cinema. Lily Cole smoulders resplendent in the seasons’ latest looks in a fine Lilian Gish moment; a sentimental and sweet story straight out of the days of silent movies.


    Curious... Spring/Summer 2011 –
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    VS - Curious... Spring/Summer 2011  VS - Curious... Spring/Summer 2011  VS - Curious... Spring/Summer 2011  VS - Curious... Spring/Summer 2011  VS - Curious... Spring/Summer 2011  Curious... Spring/Summer 2011  VS - Curious... Spring/Summer 2011

Our Take —

Vs. is a title that has persistently grown both in terms of its aspirations and in terms of the quality of what it is able to offer the reader in its primary areas of focus; predominantly women’s’ fashion and celebrity with art and a bit of menswear and accessories thrown in.

Produced in a seductive oversized print format, the aesthetics favoured lend themselves well to the larger-than-life feel of the title.  The lean lines of the art direction and the strange hybrid of photographic tastes – in which the almost Spartan photography meet with a more decorative aesthetic- result in an elegant elaboration of the title’s particular position.

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