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As Editors of the magazine we spotlight constantly on what is latest happening around the corner that we fail to remember to look back at where we have been and what we have achieved in the history. In this issue we have discussed about a journey, from the modest start of Visionaries 1 SPRING-which Stephen Gan, Cecilia Dean, and James Kaliardos distributed themselves at New York fashion week in 1991-to the most up to date issue 61 LARGER THAN LIFE-which enters the Guinness books as the leading magazine ever fashioned. This issue marks the luminously enthused contributors and groundbreaking issues that have comprised 20 years of Visionaries and 10 years of V Magazine. The joy, the vogue, the friends, the family, this is a look back at where V have been, a review of where V are now, and a peep of where V are going. 

    Lo Mejor De Visionaire Y De –
    February 2012 128 Pages 0 Minutes of audio 0 Minutes of video
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    Grandes Momentos Lo Mejor De Visionaire Momentos Visionaire 20 Years Of Visionaire Peter Gronquist Belleza Visonaria It's In The Bag Another Wrold Culture Club
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    Stephen Gan
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    Jakob Hedberg,Juan Gatti
    V Spain Magazine - Lo Mejor De Visionaire Y De  V Spain Magazine - Lo Mejor De Visionaire Y De  V Spain Magazine - Lo Mejor De Visionaire Y De  V Spain Magazine - Lo Mejor De Visionaire Y De  V Spain Magazine - Lo Mejor De Visionaire Y De  Lo Mejor De Visionaire Y De  V Spain Magazine - Lo Mejor De Visionaire Y De

Our Take —

V Magazine started in 1999. Originally meant as a more accessible bimonthly sister title to the famed limited edition Visionaire, set up at the beginning of the 1990s by Stephen Gan, James Kaliardos and Cecilia Dean, it has, in many ways, eclipsed their original project, at least in terms of visibility and popularity. Visionaire might remain a much sought after couture object of desire for the fashion elite, but V Magazine has grown into one of the key American titles of the last two decades.
So, exactly what does this have to do with V Spain? Well, in simple terms, V Spain takes the essence of V’s style and approach and reconfigures it en Español. And, no, this is not a simple matter of translating V Magazine into Spanish. Instead, the magazine has been reinvented using the same DNA to fit the needs of the international Spanish language cultural regions: a high proportion of different original content, celebrity from the Spanish-speaking world and an appropriate cultural sensibility.

Of course, it’s the same heady mix of celebrity, style, a dab of high-culture and luxury fashion, here covering both men and women’s fashion. But rather than being the work of a UN interpreter trying to translate on the fly, it has the same sense of thought-out structure aimed at its own target audience by a team who knows – who are drawn from- the Spanish creative scene.


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