The Fashion Issue —

Supplementaire’s ‘fashion issue’ does exactly what it says on the tin: over 300 pages of fashion stories –both men and women’s’ fashion- shot by hot young talent with a strong London bias.

Although this is only Supplementaire’s second issue, certain things are becoming glaringly clear. In trying to produce a magazine that offers an equal share of space to both men and women’s fashion predilections, it’s very clear that things are not progressing equally.

Bluntly, the boys are outshining the girls and, as with many projects edited or put together by photographers, this perhaps reflects the interest and specialisms of the editorial team. With one or two notable exceptions – for example, Matthew Stansfield’s story styled by Laura Sellers and Kerry Jones- the way of handling women’s fashion seems rather stilted and uninspiring compared with the way that men’s fashion is handled.

The men’s fashion, however, is very strong, taking us through the whole spectrum of tendencies currently in the canon of male fashion photography and styling. It is more than reason enough for anyone interested in fashion to pay attention to where this publication and its associated talents might be heading.

    The Fashion Issue –
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    Ian Cole
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    Charles Adesanya
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    Ian Cole
    Supplementaire - The Fashion Issue  Supplementaire - The Fashion Issue  Supplementaire - The Fashion Issue  Supplementaire - The Fashion Issue  Supplementaire - The Fashion Issue  The Fashion Issue  Supplementaire - The Fashion Issue

Our Take —

Supplementaire is a new quarterly tome that pitches itself as an ‘art-house & fashion journal’. In excess of 300 pages, one can hardly argue with the idea of it being a journal. But, in terms of the rest of its promise, let’s just say there are some mixed messages. One can hardly fault the current issue – ‘the fashion issue’-  for being almost entirely fashion. Perhaps unusually, it’s gender split seems to show more male than female fashion, so it’s not a magazine aimed only at men or women.

Reviewing its very short track record, this does seem to be the order of things. Unless, Supplementaire plans to suddenly surprise us with entire new sections and content that might indicate ‘art house’ ( such as art or, even, houses) it’s probably safe to assume that what Ian Cole and his team mean by the term is the direction of it’s fashion editorial.

Even then, it’s not exactly on the outer fringes. No mistake: Supplementaire is a sumptuous magazine of beautiful fashion stories showcasing some very hot young talent. Yet one gets the feeling that this is not a youthful ‘up yours’ to the fashion system, but rather an intelligent selection of work by contributors meant to show just how capable they are of making fashion stories that could appear in numerous more established titles. Suppleentaire’s fashion aspirations are high and from the overall quality of work, that seems a promise on which they can deliver.

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