Issue 5 - Spring/Summer 2010 —

Ponytail’s current issue gets on with its mix of fashion, lifestyle and culture. Its elegant and dramatic fashion stories in the current issue show that it knows how to balance the visual candy with equally strong feature content.

For example, Shira Levine’s article on the somewhat overlooked Desmond Cadogan shows the magazine’s intelligent editorial in motion. A former Joffrey Ballet dancer, Desmond hit NYC in the 1980’s to find fame and fortune. Painted by Basquiat, dated by Haring and pushed down the catwalk by Gaultier, Mugler and Saint Laurent, Levine’s article and interview with Cadogan provide a wonderful portrait of an insider and muse caught up in exciting times.

Meanwhile, back in the fashion arena, there are a few treats in store. Noteworthy example’s include Tom Allen’s shoot styled by Christian Stroble with a whiff of Theda Bara-style  1920’s Hollywood about it.

    Issue 5 - Spring/Summer 2010 –
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    Gerardo De Maio and Audrey Rasper
    PONYTAIL - Issue 5 - Spring/Summer 2010  PONYTAIL - Issue 5 - Spring/Summer 2010  PONYTAIL - Issue 5 - Spring/Summer 2010  PONYTAIL - Issue 5 - Spring/Summer 2010  PONYTAIL - Issue 5 - Spring/Summer 2010  Issue 5 - Spring/Summer 2010  PONYTAIL - Issue 5 - Spring/Summer 2010

Our Take —

Despite the connotations of the name, Ponytail has very little to do with tomboy gymkhana girls or tooth-braced wannabe prom queens. This biannual may be young in feel and years, but its prime target audience is clearly a sophisticated young woman who is interested in fashion without losing perspective; the world around her – music, art and lifestyle- are equally important. One of the interesting things about this magazine for a London-based title is that it veers away from the de rigeur clapped out provocation that has become so much part of the ‘London style’. Certainly, it’s not afraid to be sexy, but it does so with elegance: the bare-boob posh bird and model piss-up antics of many other titles are not really its style.

Editors-in-Chief and Creative directors Gerardo De Maio and Audrey Rasper steer an intelligent ship that seems in touch with a very real demographic: educated and cosmopolitan without being wet blankets or stupidly reactionary. The crisp and direct overall approach to fashion favoured by Sara Dunn is underscored by James Timmins’ current (and strongest so far) lean and clear art direction that favours clear lines and the odd elegant flair.

One suspects that whilst a few other new titles are promoting themselves through wild antics and intentional provocation, Ponytail is building a quiet and steady following for its particular mix of fashion, culture and life.

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