Issue 3 —

Carlos Ramírez and his team continue with the raucous phenomenon that is Paper Planes and has so rapidly gained attention on the international fashion circuit. The magazine offers us an experience that adds up to a new hybrid: the garish and busy art direction reminiscent of the electrowave aesthetic of the 1980’s; the just-fell-out-of-bed heroin chic stance of the 1990’s; and the fashion and attitude of right now.

Poppish, foppish and full of energy, Paper Planes is a title that oozes a sense of people on the go. Boobs, booze and parties galore. This young ‘n wild sensibility for which the title has become known is perhaps best summed up by stories lie “Byrdie Bell” shot by Chris Shonting, styled by Aya Kanai. Literally taking its name from that of the model, it’s a good example of the title’s acting as showcase for energetic young talent.  

The title is almost entirely a fashion magazine; fashion forms almost all of its content, even in the form of interviews with ‘backstage’ professionals within the industry. It is very much about creating one’s own scene; one’s own crowd. All in all, if you want content on familiar celebrity, this is not the title for you. But, if you identify with – or want to know about- the fashion talent of tomorrow, it’s on the money.

    Issue 3 –
    June 2010 220 Pages 0 Minutes of audio 0 Minutes of video
    In This Issue –
    Laura McCone Byrdie Bell Carmen Kass &... Harly Viera Newton Suzane Diaz Kimberly Stewart Becka Diamond Irina Lazareanu Krysytal Simpson Tasha Tilberg Luize L Guillaume Salmon Jean-Jacques Picart Christel Vatasso Fanco Scognamigilo Sebastian Kim
    Editor In Chief –
    Carlos Ramirez
    Advertising Director –
    Maria Jesus Coll
    Paper Planes - Issue 3  Paper Planes - Issue 3  Paper Planes - Issue 3  Paper Planes - Issue 3  Paper Planes - Issue 3  Issue 3  Paper Planes - Issue 3

Our Take —

Paper Planes is a magazine with its feet steadfastly in the kids-are-doing-it-for-themselves tradition of from-the-hip publishing enabled by desk top publishing technologies in the 1980’s; the wave of mags that pulled street and fanzine cultures into the mainstream and produced a number of titles that became internationally iconic in decades to come.

But, naturally, Paper Planes is produced by –and largely aimed at-  a generation brought up on a diet of fast-food social media, unlike that earlier cohort for whom ‘texting’ was not a verb. The next generation through the door after Generation Y, old fogeys note its media cynicism and short attention span. But, the achievement of Paper Planes is that whilst it is entirely a product of its generation, it manages to capture the sincerity and genuine energy of trying to make something notable and creative at a time when almost any fool with a digital camera can play at photographer.

Precocious, vibrant, colourful and with an unapologetic rock ‘n roll sensibility, it takes young talent and high fashion and profiles them in the international playground of a generation accessed to easy travel and even faster communications. A window into the fashion phenomena of tomorrow.

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