Spring/Summer 2012 —

OZON spring/summer issue is entitled “I Wanna Be Your Dog” interviewed creative’s such as Kris Kuksi, Sandra Mann, Maria Francesca Pepe, Barbara i Gongini and Pamela Love, we questioned ourselves about the animal within and we went for a aimless walk with the gangs of Athens. In this issue stories on the subject of sex, food and protection has been narrated and at the same time we have revealed what has set us apart from animals is our instincts and our originality. We want to craft imagery moved by predators and renegades and spread out the oldest stories of the teenage wasteland. Urban aesthetics, up-and-coming new talents and well-known modern-day designers and artists are featured in the pages of OZON International that wishes to act as an remedy to standardization, dodging the custom of mainstream magazines. Also check our fashion photography by Anouk Morgan, Christos Sarris, Yara De Nicola, Nicole Maria Winkler, Pablo Ravazzani and John Ciamillo.

    Spring/Summer 2012 –
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    In My Life A Real Queen So Messed Up I Want You Here In My Room I Want You here Tom Haines Kris Kuksi Acid Baby Jesus Bjorg Pamela Love Action Hero Furry Fandom
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    Danai Dragonea
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    Thomas Ntamtsios
    Ozon - Spring/Summer 2012  Ozon - Spring/Summer 2012  Ozon - Spring/Summer 2012  Ozon - Spring/Summer 2012  Ozon - Spring/Summer 2012  Spring/Summer 2012  Ozon - Spring/Summer 2012

Our Take —

Ozon magazine is one of Greece’s most successful magazines to come out of the newfound freedoms of the 1980’s that the country shares with some of its Mediterranean neighbours. Like numerous magazines in other parts of Europe – particularly the UK- its roots lie in covering vibrant urban culture; what was once called ‘the underground’ without the slightest sense of irony. And, like many of these magazines, the content is often geared towards a youthful audience, eager to stake out its individual generational identity. Hence, music, street culture and urban trends are all part of its usual offer. Also like these magazines, the fashion offer that forms a key part of its promise is based in a big dose of reality – attainable street brands – and a little dash of aspiration – high-end fashion that does not come cheap.

As a magazine published approximately ten times a year, Ozon has to be fairly of-the-moment. Thus, it’s art direction favours a clean modular and blockish approach enabling it to fit the dense diet of factoids and actual information on the items covered into the title. This is no mean feat in the international issue, published in both Greek and English. Yet, despite this directness, the title manages to bring a lot of creativity into the way that it approaches its fairly democratic content on topics like fashion. This immediacy should not, however, be mistaken for shallowness: in its coverage of topics such as art, design and architecture, it’s very grown-up.

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