Issue 27 Spring/Summer 2012 —

This issue of the magazine focuses on the cinema and the clothes. Text dalchodha in september 1998 during the second Biennale di Firenze, an exhibition exploring the relationship between fashion and cinema opened at Palazzo strozzi in Florence. Curate by id magazine founder terry Jones, Fashion/cinema to a certain extent proved the obvious: that the inspiration designers take from film is instinctive.

    Issue 27 Spring/Summer 2012 –
    April 2012 196 Pages 0 Minutes of audio 0 Minutes of video
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    Fashion And The Clothes Dal Chohha Womenswear Collections Cecile Bortoletti Menswear Collections Richard Jensen Ciao Roma Dal Chodha Evripidis Sabatis Javi Giner Odile Gilbert Gia Coppola Catherine Baba Jeffreq Hinton Elias Mcconnell Astrid Berges-Frisbey
    Editor In Chief –
    Yolanda Muelas
    Creative Editor –
    Julian Monge
    METAL - Issue 27 Spring/Summer 2012  METAL - Issue 27 Spring/Summer 2012  METAL - Issue 27 Spring/Summer 2012  METAL - Issue 27 Spring/Summer 2012  METAL - Issue 27 Spring/Summer 2012  Issue 27 Spring/Summer 2012  METAL - Issue 27 Spring/Summer 2012

Our Take —

If the title conjures up images of podgy middle-aged leather-clad, death thrash musicians flicking their tongues at the camera, think again. Despite the title, this Spanish magazine is unlikely to give page space to ACDC clones. Well, not unless it was all done in a terribly creative and ironic way…

Arriving on the scene in 2006, this Barcelona-based title with an international team has rapidly captured attention with its particular position. Under Yolanda Muelas’ direction, Metal is a magazine that mixes luxury and the quintessential, giving equal time to the more erudite and conceptual throes of fashion, film or music alongside the crypto-documentary naturalism of the street.

Lessons learned from the nineties’ emphasis on showing fashion as a transient and matter-of-fact thing occurring in gritty real surroundings have been retained. But, in Metal, these ideas are teased out further and complemented with daringly theatrical and OTT presentations, whether of fashion, celebrity or hip street culture.

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