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Zaha Hadid’s Sheikh Zayed Bridge seems to drift above the water, challenging gravity. On the drive into the heart of Abu Dhabi, the arcs of the four-lane bridge step up, merge in and out, and hit the highest point at a height of 60 m before plunging head-over-heels into the sands. The design’s apparent velocity of form is aided by incessant light installations that shine unsteadily along the underbelly, revealing the structural framework that supports the roadway. In this issue of the magazine we have highlighted the sculptural, metaphorical flow of Hadid’s magic: her talent to carry out an unconventional mental picture. The aim of government, as channeled into Hadid’s visualization, is not to walk along the equilibrium shaft of light, but to test limitations between the on the cards and out of the question.

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Mark Magazine is the much-lauded international magazine on contemporary architecture that has added a particular vision and opinion to the international architecture perspective. Published out of the Netherlands, it’s no surprise that Mark – which has been going for a number of years now- reflects certain sensibilities for which Dutch contemporary architecture is internationally known: it’s stark, unapologetically contemporary and offers up architectural design solutions that often pay little attention to orthodoxy and convention. Perhaps this is best summed up in its own strap line of ‘another architecture’.

With a bold and crisp art direction, Mark is one of those magazines that certainly makes what the name promises. It is instantly attractive and easily navigated, despite actually managing to get a whole lot of information and imagery into each and every issue. And, whilst the contributions and commentary always include highly respected voices from the world of professional and academic architecture, one of the great successes of Mark is that it extends the Dutch understanding of architecture into the international arena, namely that architecture is a social phenomenon that engages all members of society. This manifests itself in the form of an editorial vision that intrinsically understands that contemporary architecture has many fans and an actively engaged audience beyond professional architects. Thus, it is an intelligent yet accessible title that has broad appeal and proves rewarding reading to almost anyone with an interest in architecture and the built environment.

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