The Space Issue —

Man About Town likes his space. Which is why no sooner had he shipped the last issue than he leapt on a plane and fled to the tiniest island of one of the planet’s more remote archipelagos.

It was during a somewhat less exotic spell with the Dutch in-laws, however that the idea of the Space Issue Occurred to him. Frog-marched by his niece and nephew to the Research and Technology centre in Noordwijk, Man About Town had an epiphany. He left the rather grim museum with stars in his eyes.

    The Space Issue –
    February 2012 210 Pages 0 Minutes of audio 0 Minutes of video
    In This Issue –
    Space Heat Watch This Space Out Of This Wrold Men Are From Mars Flesh Gordon Stairway To Heaven Big Bang Back To The Future Smart Bomb Breathing Space Red Alert
    Editor In Chief –
    Philip Utz
    Creative Director –
    Hedi Slimane
    Art Director –
    Felix Neill
    Man About Town - The Space Issue   Man About Town - The Space Issue   Man About Town - The Space Issue   Man About Town - The Space Issue   Man About Town - The Space Issue   The Space Issue  Man About Town - The Space Issue

Our Take —

Man About Town is the magazine aimed specifically at the male market from the publishers of Wonderland (and more recently Rollacoaster). It shares the same international overview and luxurious feel as Wonderland and certain art direction preferences for a crisp modernist aesthetic; not minimalist, but a rather a restrained elegance that has often been associated with UK-based titles aimed at men in the period since the mid-1980’s. Furthermore, with the unfortunate demise of a number of earlier titles occupying a similar cultural space, Man About Town remains one of the few examples of a particularly British school of editorial that effortlessly links the latest trends and pop culture with the legendary British sartorial tradition. 

On the fashion front, for example, the fashion direction walks that considered line that caters equally to both the shamelessly trendy and men who prefer a more conservative take on suave. 

Under Philip Utz’s editorial navigation, Man About Town charts a directional course that addresses articulate and sophisticated men of almost all ages with intelligent content that takes in everything from fashion and art to celebrity and music.

There is also a certain interest in depth or expansive exploration of the topics and people it sets its sights upon. It’s not that the title is actively disinterested in cool toys for boys, but this is a magazine that eschews endless busy tidbits and sound bytes on the latest tech toys or lifestyle gadgets in favour of the bigger picture, the full story. As such, both fashion features and the numerous interviews and articles on interesting personalities have a grounded fullness to them rather than being rapid-fire bullet point items posing as serious content. In other words, it’s the kind of title that is perfect for thinking men who like to sit back and find something new, informative or different in what they read rather than revising their knowledge of what they have already seen and read.

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