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That fashion modeling could have a meaningful impact in society and redefine social standards may seem unlikely to some people, but this supposition is in fact quite true. The faces that appear on magazine covers and advertising campaigns constitute one of the primary means of establishing ideals of beauty in society, and no one has proved this fact more than Naomi Campbell. This supermodel/icon/philanthropist/firebrand expanded the accepted norms of beauty, and has left her mark indelibly not only in fashion, but in mainstream culture as well.

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Lurve magazine arrived in 2009, a new Franco-German magazine published in English. Even ahead of its arrival, it was being set up to be something that was precious and collectible printed on recycled paper, available to only those quick enough to track it down.

Highly competent in its presentation that favours a stylishly simple art direction approach with an unexpectedly grown-up feel for a young magazine – perhaps it’s even a little too restrained- the focus is on emergent talent in the fields of fashion, design and art that the magazine covers. Well, theoretically anyway.

It’s not that Lurve can be faulted on the talents it selects; on the contrary, this also shows it to be in touch with the current state-of-play in the areas it covers, though it is fundamentally a fashion magazine. But, the magazine’s own statement that it sees itself as being ahead of trends and spotting the talent of tomorrow should probably be taken with a pinch of salt. Frankly, quite a few of the talents covered in Lurve emerged a long time before the title and a number of them were already international names when the magazine was a mere twinkle in an aspirant publisher’s eye.

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