Intermission III / 2011 —

Intermission’s third issue offers a mix of international and Scandinavian-focussed features and articles in its usual bilingual format. For those with a penchant for insider insights from the lofty heights of the fashion world, Jens Grede and Erik Torstensson, founders of the fashionista’s favourite, Industrie magazine, wax lyrical about their adventures in exclusivity. Ben Gorham, owner of the luxury fragrance brand Byredo, lets us into his own private world of olfactory and other interests. And Mads Kornerup, founder of luxury jewellery brand Shamballa Jewels, takes us on the unusual journey of succeeding in combining luxurious and precious objects of desire and rather spiritual core values. If you’re sensing that Intermission is interested in luxury, you’re sensing correctly.

For those who are naturally more inclined towards the visual presentation of fashion, the issue offers the a number of visual treats, particular for those who favour the svelte classic simplicity favoured by Intermission’s signature style. Arguably the most striking of these is the fashion story ‘Missy’, shot by John Scarisbrick and styled by Keegan Singh that showcases hot brands such as Celine, Givenchy, Mark Fast and Stella McCartney in muted monochrome.

For those more interested in how the visual presentation of fashion is created, there are two interviews with top make-up artists Diane Kendal and Tom Pecheux who offer their experiences on creating some of the most memorable faces of fashion.


    Intermission III / 2011 –
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Our Take —

The brainchild of Daniel Magnussen, whose association with a magazine called HE seems to be a big deal locally, the idea is that Intermission will, in Magnussen’s opinion, bring an important addition to the Scandinavian publishing scene by having a strong point of view. Again, I guess only time – and translations or reading Swedish- will tell whether his view of his publication is accurate or not, since, on the face of it, it appears to be a fairly middle-of-the road publication for some of the efforts coming out of Scandinavia these days. Over-sized with a simple unpretentious art direction, the fashion photography tends towards the direct and simple aesthetic associated with the region.

One thing that does seem notable about this publication, however is that it seems to focus heavily on celebrities and talents from outside of northern Europe, making it somewhat unusual for a Scandinavian magazine.

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