Franca Confidential Issue 4 —

It’s one thing to create an influential story; getting that story out there is a whole other issue. To have real influence in fashion, you need to control the means of broadcasting your work to the world. The territory was supposed to become so much more egalitarian with the advent of online. And yet amid the clamour of voices, the clutter of blogs and the noise of the newsstands, it’s still the case that only a few command any real authority. In no particular order, this is INDUSTRIE’s guide to the most powerful figures in fashion media for 2012.

    Franca Confidential Issue 4 –
    December 2011 142 Pages 0 Minutes of audio 0 Minutes of video
    In This Issue –
    The Way She Moves The Shopkeeper Of China Michele Lamy Eva Cavalli Rossella Jardini The Women Behind The Men Versace Archive No Chateau The Making Of Miranda Kerr Fantastic Franca Come Dine With Me
    Editors In Chief –
    Erik Torstensson & Jens Grede
    Art Director –
    Peter Hughes
    Industrie - Franca Confidential Issue 4  Industrie - Franca Confidential Issue 4  Industrie - Franca Confidential Issue 4  Industrie - Franca Confidential Issue 4  Industrie - Franca Confidential Issue 4  Franca Confidential Issue 4  Industrie - Franca Confidential Issue 4

Our Take —

As the name suggests, Industrie is a magazine that primarily speaks to the fashion industry and those that have a strong interest in it. Industrie defines itself, as "the first and only media title dedicated to going behind the scenes to chronicle the personalities, stories and defining moments in the world of fashion."  Assuming an insider’s voice and position, it has rapidly grown into one of those rare media essentials; required cult reading. Started in 2010 by Erik Torstensson & Jens Grede, it is not one of those fashion titles that devotes its attention to interpreting seasonal trends for a mass audience of the fashion-conscious public, but rather tries to offer up a concentrated impression of the culture of fashion as played out in the current global fashion industry.

In practice, this means that it contains numerous feature articles on or interviews with the movers and shakers of the contemporary fashion scene, both on the creative and business side of the industry. It’s also a bit of a free space in which those inside the industry – particularly the creatives- can let down their hair down and engage in a bit of experimentation that market pressures might otherwise prohibit in more mainstream publications with an aim of more widespread circulation. If this gives an expectation of lofty presentation, nothing could be further from the truth: the face of Industrie is art directed in a slick and lean style.

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