Issue 4 —

Issue 4 continues with I Love You’s characteristic fashion offerings, all laid out in an understated and rather elegant art direction with more than a nod to the an angular German modernism. With a sporty theme running through the issue, we are offered a variety of ways in which Sports  and energetic heroism penetrate current women’s fashion, most of it fairly tangential in its approach.

The dominant understated style of the magazine’s fashion stories – with a few nods to Disco era camp here and there- flows fairly smoothly through the magazine. In various places it is easy to see what the appeal is to women: the glamourous images of women in chic clothes remain somehow fairly direct, making it feel like the depiction is of actual women living in one’s city, dressing up in a fashionable style for their own pleasure rather than a presentation of some unattainable perfection worked to death in Photoshop.

    Issue 4 –
    November 2009 100 Pages 0 Minutes of audio 0 Minutes of video
    In This Issue –
    Editor In Chief –
    Christiane Bordner
    Editorial Director –
    Stefanie Roth
    Photo Editor –
    Henriette Primus
    I Love You - Issue 4  I Love You - Issue 4  I Love You - Issue 4  I Love You - Issue 4  I Love You - Issue 4  Issue 4  I Love You - Issue 4

Our Take —

I Love You is a fairly new magazine emanating out of Berlin’s trendy strip of Kreuzberg along the Spree where the fashion kids spill out of the local fashion academy and sit around in bijou cafes formulating a fashion position for a city that has, for a whole range of reasons, largely denied the fashion trends of the rest of Europe for the last two decades. Despite the common conclusion that Berlin remains too attached to its radical squatter and post-Wall techno identity, things have change a lot in the last five years and I Love You is a kind of proof.

I Love You is almost entirely a women’s fashion magazine, with the occasional celebrity interview, that postulates a fashion position that is fairly international in outlook, but also shows strong links with the local sensibility and mindset of the city in which it arises. For example, whilst it strives for the kind of glamour in its fashion stories that are the meat ‘n potatoes of many international fashion glossies, there is something tenable and accessible about its vision for women’s fashion. Anyone who spends time in Berlin will readily grasp its congruence with a certain practicality and unpretentious elaboration of fashion in the city, even amongst the well-heeled chic women of Mitte.

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