Issue 38 —

The 'Wonderlust:SNL' issue of Design Indaba turns out to have quite an emphasis on the lust, not that it doesn't equally leave us looking on in wonder at times. Female sexuality in particular is rampant in this issue. There's Maciek Dubla's 'Good Vibes', an extensive review article of some of the best pieces of 'sex-related creative produce' designed for female pleasure, many of which most definitely give as much aesthetic pleasure as any other form of feeling good. There's the article on top emerging artist Zanele Muholi whose beautiful and provocative photographs address black lesbian identity and have caused a few stirs - for very different reasons – in both the art world and more traditional South African society. And there's Kathryn White's exploration of how the advertising industry uses increasingly directly pornographic material to sell product. Yep, it's a pretty hot and sweaty issue.

On the other hand, there are also regular features that make for interesting reading such as the Design Snippets section that reviews interesting design products and trends ranging from the usual players on the international high-end circuit to local African talent or manifestations that seldom receive the attention they deserve in the usual northern hemisphere organs

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    Design Indaba - Issue 38  Design Indaba - Issue 38  Design Indaba - Issue 38  Design Indaba - Issue 38  Design Indaba - Issue 38  Issue 38  Design Indaba - Issue 38

Our Take —

Design Indaba is the lauded South African design magazine that, through political will or the simple lack of a choice under the unforgiving African sun, is committed to the ideology that a better world is possible through creativity. Highlighting design and creative industries – the odd bit of art and music being part of the offer- it is one of the leading examples demonstrating that political clarity and good design values can still go hand-in-hand.

This is a creative journal that seriously challenges the smug self-congratulatory stances of many 'western' positions on design and creative culture. Leading by example rather than only vitriol, Design Indaba's voices remains simultaneously cool and radical. Many of the trendy notions about design taught in European and American institutions are here postulated in the context of a society that is frankly dependent the actualization of ideas that remain liberal talking points in more well-resourced regions of the globe.

With an art direction and voice that intentionally develops a viable post-colonial identity for contemporary design in Africa without ever resorting to the cliches of exotica, this is a unique and learned organ and should be required reading for anyone who dares to glibly mention the term 'globalism' without first thinking of other possibilities.

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