Issue 6 —

Desert Fish remains almost entirely a fashion title and, the vast majority of this is womenswear. As such, it is fairly difficult to come to a sensible position on the issue since, unlike many other fashion titles, it affords extensive space for each shoot. Similarly, its choice of brands to shoot must surely mean that it responds to the local market and, as such, this is occasionally difficult to locate in an international context. Furthermore, it works with young talent - both as photographers and stylists- and favours a certain glossy, popish aesthetic, perhaps the result of the repetitive use of the same photographers.

Of the various stories of similar length in the most recent issue, the most successful is Geisha Stories, shot by Peter Richweiscz and styled by Lorna Butler. It's a bright and garish affair mixing up traditional Japanese imagery with a fluorescent poppy play on neon Ginza iconography. Also of note is Larry Xu's shoot of the collection by young designer Simon Wang.

    Issue 6 –
    August 2010 144 Pages 0 Minutes of audio 0 Minutes of video
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    Evian Road Trip Polo Jeans and Co. Ezra Feature Interview WC By Hunter Sims Abduction By Peter Richweisz Hybrids by Shin Rebel of the Rubble by Robert Sheilds Tattoos VS Warriors by Shin Spacer by Larry Xu Geisha Stories by Peter Richweisz Kwality Kosts Kash by Zoobz Cover Story by Peter Richweisz
    Editor –
    Shub Qureshi
    Creative Director –
    Peter Richweisz
    Art Director –
    Leena Saoub
    Desert Fish - Issue 6  Desert Fish - Issue 6  Desert Fish - Issue 6  Desert Fish - Issue 6  Desert Fish - Issue 6  Issue 6  Desert Fish - Issue 6

Our Take —

As the name suggests, Desert Fish is something of a fish out of water: a niche fashion magazine based in the Middlle East where, so popular wisdom goes, the complex cultural politics are not always easy to negotiate. The paradox of being located within a highly regulated society that is both extremely wealthy and hungry for luxury items is fairly evident at time can be a mixed blessing. If the title's own stated aims include giving the United Arab Emirates " a conceptual art in fashion movement", then working out exactly what that means is not straightforward. For a start, the fashion is a lot more evident than any art.

The title certainly seems to represent the aspirations and hopes of local young creatives to align their interests and values to an international fashion sensibility. But one has to ask how the local market - including the notoriously conservative ex-pats working in the various lucrative industries in the UAE- might respond to such a gesture. Perhaps this accounts for a certain restraint in some of the styling choices.

Other than that, Desert Fish is an intriguing example of a contemporary Middle Eastern fashion title in which young photography and styling talent pull out all the stops on what is almost entirely a fashion title.

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