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The level of undeniable homoerotica in Client’s debut issue removes any need to pretend that this magazine about “lads, men and menswear” is seriously interested in capturing a heterosexual mainstream audience. It is an interesting hybrid that combines art direction evoking a traditional gentlemen’s’ quarterly with design elements and content that look to the furtive boy cheesecake magazines of the 1950’s for inspiration. Think Athletic Model Guild vintage – all the more for the black and white format- in a hip fashion context.

This is almost entirely a fashion magazine. In fact the only notable article is a brief interview with Joe Dellesandro since even the articles on young menswear design talent is much more along the lines of advertorial than independent commentary. With an intentionally scrapbook feel, however, those who are fans of young male fashion – and the young males who are partially wear it- will have a great time.

Of particular note is Yves De Brabander’s rather bizarrely titled fashion story that combines the title’s penchant for vintage male bodyculture with an homage to other forms of modernist design and interiors. And Sam Schott Schiavo’s ‘Call Me’ story styled by Adia Trischler that mixes the rent boy chic of American Gigolo gloss with a tatty tabloid grittiness.

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    Justin Hally at Major By Joe Lally Martyn Ball Feature Boys Don't Cry By Louis J Connelly Joe Dallesandro Interview Centerfold - Patrick Kafka True Gritt By Karl Simone Carolyn Massey Feature Topman AAA Editorial The Daydreamer By Ian Cole Don't Hate Me Because I'm Beautiful In The Still Of The Day Call Me By Sam Scott Schiavo The Casting Couch The American Dream Antwerp, Dec '47 Wish You Were Here By Joe Lally
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    Ian Cole
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    Sandra Bermingham
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    Sam Scott Schiavo
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Our Take —

Ian Cole and Sam Scott Schiavo seem to be getting about. Already heading up Supplementaire,  Mr Cole now appears to be heading up a second quarterly title, Client Magazine.

Printed in black and white on recycled paper with an intentional scrapbook feeling, the art direction is very much in keeping with a certain retro modernism that has proved such a hit for Fantastic Man and which is now a style that seems to be spawning a number of derivative versions. However, whereas most of the other titles taking this art direction line appear to be planning a similar ‘gentlemen’s’ quarterly’ editorial approach to the original, Client puts a different spin on things.

Describing itself as ‘a magazine about lads, men and menswear’, it’s steered clear of refined sophistication in favour or wiry street boys, a bit of male agro and lots of imagery of blokes behaving badly. In other words, it does seem to genuinely want to attract a broad younger male audience, but at times it does feel a bit like butch drag, and not very butch at that. On the other hand, it is nicely consistent in both editorial and overall flow and, if the straight men are too small-minded and shy away, it’s certainly likely to appeal to a sizeable cohort of the gay population who don’t want to be shoe-horned into a prêt a porter rainbow flag lifestyle.

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