Spring/Summer 2012 —

In this issue there is a profile on Alicia Vikander and discussed the year 21st December 2012 as fashion obliteration more present than ever, the year of the end of the world. Is it the start of an era? We know that many people this year are feeling that the fashion industry is heading in the same direction. The fashion system is based on a continuous cycle of obliteration and revival.

In that new fashion world, seasons are inappropriate. Designers don't have to show every six months. People are expecting new stock every week, but not essentially from the same brands. Stores will learn how to cope with ordering more often. Everyone can dance to his or her own beat - whether that means seasonal, monthly, yearly or irregularly.

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    BON - Spring/Summer 2012  BON - Spring/Summer 2012  BON - Spring/Summer 2012  BON - Spring/Summer 2012  BON - Spring/Summer 2012  Spring/Summer 2012  BON - Spring/Summer 2012

Our Take —

Now past the halfway mark on the road to its centenary issue, Bon has established itself as Sweden’s leading international fashion and culture magazine. What’s also notable about Bon is that, unlike various other titles emanating from Scandinavia a decade or so ago, it realized soon on that if it was going to gain an international following it could not merely showcase local output. Thus, its contributors and editorial staff feature an international line-up. This in turn translates into an equally international overview, perhaps most notable in its art section.

Certainly, there is a regional sensibility, both in terms of the approach and content. But in the case of Bon, this feels like an insightful aside -the slight detection of an accent- rather than dealing with some bafflingly exotic culture. Internationally recognized for its fashion coverage and its content that approaches a whole array of topics with intelligence – music, design, art, media- it has become one of the stalwarts of the ‘up-market’ section of many newsstands around the world.

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