Issue 7 —

BLEND Magazine exists seven glorious years and, for the last issue of this year, we will dedicate a full celebratory issue to our anniversary. We invited photographer Matthias Vriens, former Edito-in-Chief of legendary Dutch magazine and founder of Bl33N, to skim through our archives and curate a selection of seven years BLEND: "Through the years I feel BLEND -idiosyncratically Dutch- has offered a platform for nudity, sexuality, politically questioning subject matters, etc."

Vriens made a choice from all our editorials between 2004 and 2011, which resulted in a selection of about 140 pictures, which will be published in the upcoming issue: The BLEND Archive.

JOFF from BLEND Magazine says: "With this issue I didn't just want to look onto our past, but also our present and maybe even future. We invited seven photographers/artists to take on the selection made by Matthias Vriens and use them as inspiration to submit works. The upcoming issue will be split in a retrospective part, followed by a contemporary reflection."

Besides a lot of picture based series, the upcoming issue features an exclusive interview with Matthias Vriens and a series Vriens made especially for BLEND Magazine.

In short: The BLEND Archive is a gourmet banquet for your visual sense.

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Our Take —

Since it’s arrival on the scene in 2004, Blend has rapidly established itself not only on the local Dutch scene, but also internationally. A mix of fashion, art, design, music and lifestyle, it is pulled into a strong identity by a stark modernist approach to art direction that is synonymous with the clean lines of Dutch aesthetics in everything from architecture to book design.

Blend mixes up luxury with a more edgy street culture sensibility in its content, managing to be simultaneously ‘high-brow’ and accessible. It’s reflective of a certain mindset that often emanates from the Netherlands in which the combination of business acumen and an educated appreciation of culture sit side by side. After all, the cultural and artistic wealth of Amsterdam and the other significant Dutch trading cities was founded on the symbiosis of patronizing the arts through funds resulting from a voracious mercantile spirit. Thus Blend is pretty open about wanting to appeal to the wealthy and those who have high career ambitions as much as to the sensitive creative types less motivated by profit.

Sharing a penchant for a thematic approach that has become fairly widespread amongst the leading international glossies, this quarterly does not, however, feel homogenized or part of a globalised monoculture. Within its particular approach to thematic projects –such as daring experimental approaches to fashion- there is most definitely something of a conceptual bent that is undeniably Dutch. If you have any doubts as to what ‘Dutch design’ or ‘Dutch art’ means when the terms are bandied about as a form of trophy in salubrious or chic circles, this is the title that will make all clear.

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