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Our cover shows an early and uncharacteristically jaunty painting by George Ault, part of the Lunder Collection featured in the article about the Colby College Museum of Art. Elsewhere in the issue an example of Ault’s later, more hard-boiled style can be seen in Marica and Jan Vilcek’s collection of early American modernism. Ault was by most accounts an impossible person who rendered the discouraging reality he perceived around him in his own form of vernacular cubism. His View from Brooklyn is a favorite of mine. Not to be too squish-headed about it, but the presence of two George Aults here suggests a kind of karma running through this issue. Not quite intentionally, we have paid tribute in a variety of articles to our peculiarly American form of arts patronage: The Vilceks and their foundation; the Alfond and Lunder families and their gifts to Colby; the arts patrons of Fort Worth who staged a remarkable art exhibition for President and Mrs. Kennedy in their hotel suite on the eve of the assassination in 1963; the collectors who contributed to the show of early American needlework at the Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens in California; Alex Katz, artist and benefactor. They are part of the crazy quilt of private foundations and donations across the country that make up the American way of giving, which in its helter-skelter fashion turns out to be remarkably efficient and probably less monochromatic and politicized than the European model of state money for the arts. 

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The Magazine Antiques has been around almost as long as some of the beautiful works if profiles. Authoritative yet breezy, it’s entirely clear how this periodical has remained one of the most successful antiques-specialist titles in the world. With an impressive circulation in its home territory of the USA, although the content remains primarily focused on the American antiques scene - the original reason for its existence all those decades ago- its outlook is international, as befits any title devoted to the field. American antique collectors, so the media clichés tell us, are very fond of the cultural output of much older art and design cultures in addition to homegrown traditions. Furthermore, as a forward-looking title that understands the shifts in trends and collection markets, Antiques is one of the few titles that has devoted editorial to new emerging markets and trends in addition to the more traditional Eurocentric circuits and their established tendencies towards Orientalism.

Picking up on trends –such as a fresh appetite for African antiques in a new multicultural generation or emerging East-to-East markets- Antiques remains an informative and accessible resource for a diverse readership; for love or money.

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