Issue 11 —

Issue 11 sees Anglomania effectively answering a question about its target readership that some of us have already raised. The mag with the unusual mix of sport, fashion and contemporary life can most certainly be called a ‘mens magazine’ if the content of this issue is anything to go by. This does not mean a great change in style or direction, but rather selective elision: the issue does not include content directly addressing a female audience. A failing? On the contrary, standard magazine industry wisdom would say that it’s a mature step towards understanding where its unique selling points lie.

Given that it hit the stands on the tail end of World Cup fever, it’s no surprise that football and African content are written large in this issue. Then again one suspects that Anglomania has learnt that football is going to be one of its potential winners commercially speaking, regardless of an issue’s timing. As usual for the title, the skill is in how it handles fairly ubiquitous material on top sportsmen and reinvents it through bold and beautiful photography, without being afraid to take the fashion content to the more arty edges, as clearly evidenced by Satoshi Minakawa’s Afro-centric World Cup-inspired fashion story styled by Yasuhiro Takehisa. Also of note is this issue is Thomas Hoeffgen’s documentary photoessay on football culture in South Africa.

    Issue 11 –
    March 2010 112 Pages 0 Minutes of audio 0 Minutes of video
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    Nike Shamen Sportswear The James Rimet Trophy Lace Up. Save Lives' with Didier Drogba Fabio Capello Nelson Mandella Pelle, World at their feet Dunk - Basketball Shoot Anglomania meets Arron Mokoena Anglomania meets Alex Song Anglomania meets Dickson Etuhu Samuel Eto'o African Arena's Amir Khan 98 Unity Experience African Unity Concert
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    Mo Galy Sow
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    James Hamilton
    Anglomania - Issue 11  Anglomania - Issue 11  Anglomania - Issue 11  Anglomania - Issue 11  Anglomania - Issue 11  Issue 11  Anglomania - Issue 11

Our Take —

Anglomania is an oddity. For a start, there’s the name. Anyone glimpsing it on the rack amongst the fashion glossies couldn’t be blamed for immediately thinking of the Vivienne Westwood line. But it turns out that there is no correlation between the tenets of Westwood’s Anglomania and the magazine that shares the name. This is a hybrid: a sports magazine with a style-conscious outlook, which proves even more puzzling since, although the predominant sports-orientated content is pretty international, one can’t help wondering about the jingoistic connotations of the name, especially when it is undeniably British in its perspective.

The other enigma is the magazine’s target market. It covers both male and female fashion and yet, in the kinds of coverage of sports and boys’ toys that form its core, it is very much in keeping with magazines aimed at men. One suspects that the aim of Anglomania is to update the traditional sports magazine and attract sporty fashion and style conscious readers of both genders. It’s a cool theory, so let’s see what the future brings. In addition to its lean, crisp art direction, Anglomania’s main contribution to the canon is undeniably the use of excellent and creative photography to reinvent sports imagery.

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